Green Frog Bus Route: Clearing Up Every Puzzles Of Filipinos

Jan 04, 2021

Have you ever heard of Green Frog Bus Route? Have you got enough information to understand the system and use it as something helpful for your travels? This article below is made all for you!

Green Frog Bus Route: Introduction

The Hybrid Bus, as widely known as the Green Frog Bus, was officially launched in 2013 by the Green Frog corporation - an intercity bus company in the Philippines, with the aim of a safe, comfortable, reliable, environment-friendly, and sustainable public transportation. 

green frog bus route philippines

The Green Frog hybrid buses were the first two-door, low floor hybrid buses to be used for public transportation in the Philippines. 

The bus fleet was also one of the first in the country to implement the use of GPS, CCTVs for security, and the Beep Tap Card payment system.

With the Green Frog Bus route, for those who need to go via Senator Gil Puyat, from the LRT on Taft Avenue to the Metro on EDSA, have you got enough information to understand the system and use it as something helpful for your travels? will show you right now in the article below.

Green Frog Bus Route: Overview

In general, the Green Frog Buses is the newest option when it comes to commuting around Metro Manila and Makati City. 

Initially, Green Frog Buses operated the LRT-Taft line to C5 Kalayaan Makati with only two buses. The bus's passenger pick-up area is specially marked on the Buendia stretch. 

To avoid waiting for an unnecessarily long time, passengers can call on the bus driver's phone number to get the bus’s current location. Although the number of vehicles is small, customers using Green Frog Buses will get several benefits that can not be found in any other public vehicles:


The driver and conductor with green and orange uniforms are always neat and clean while serving on the Green Frog Bus. 

The conductor always keeps a doormat to clean wet areas in the car when the weather is raining. The temperature of the air-conditioner is stable and suitably adjusted for customers of all ages in traffic.

Safety & comfort

Like other buses, the seats on every Green Frog Bus route is limited, but its cabin space is large enough for standing passengers.

green frog bus route safety

Passengers can enter through the front door and get off through the middle one safely in every case. 

Polite & Reliable Staff

The professionalism and courtesy of the driver and the conductor on every trip are worth to be appreciated. For passengers with special conditions such as the old, people with disabilities, or pregnant women, the conductor will always treat them with respect and be super supportive. 

Moreover, the driver is also careful but very efficient as he traveled Manila’s wet roads due to the constant rain.

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Green Frog Bus Route: Map, Schedules & Fare

To improve public transport in Makati City, Green Frog Corporation has cooperated with the city government to upgrade and develop the city's public hybrid bus route to world standards. This bus route connects LRT-Taft Avenue with the Metro line on EDSA.

Here are the details of the Green Hybrid Bus’s official route in the Philippines for your references:

Green Frog Bus Route Maps

The bus stops from Senator Gil Puyat:

1. LRT (Sen. Gil Puyat Station, Taft Avenue / LBC (Line Start / End)

2. Tramo (E Games by the river).

3. Bautista (Big red building)

4. Filmore (from UniOil gas station)

5. PNR (near Cityland, Mayapis)

6. Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo) / CEU of the Burgundy Building

7. Makati Med / Ayala (Tropical hut)

8. FEU (One center and columns)

9. Mapua (corner of Reposo (Nicanor Garcia))

10. Makati Avenue (in front of Pacific Star building)

11. Paseo de Roxas (cor of Paseo de Roxas and Buendia)

12. Edsa / MRT (overpass, in front of Urdaneta Gate)

The stops cross Kalayaan Avenue:

13. Palawan St. (next to the entrance to St 32 of the Fort)

14. Yabut rotation (after pedestrian lane, Andoks)

15. Commercio (after the intersection, after pedestrian lane)

16. Lawton / Gate One.

17 Avenue 11 (PhilPlans Building)

18. Pili (on the house waiting for the bus behind the flyover)

19. C5 (at corner Kalayaan C5)

20. C5 Buting (below pedestrian walkway next to bus and jeep loading and unloading station).

Expand The Green Frog Bus Route To SM Mall of Asia

In addition to a diesel-powered public bus route from Buendia's LRT 1 Gil Puyat to C5/Buting in Kalayaan, Green Frog Zero Emission Transport plans to expand the road connecting LRT 1 Gil Puyat station and the SM Mall of Asia.

It is expected that there will be four stops in the MOA complex within these locations: in front of ECom on Harbor Drive, the central Pacific Drive entrance of the Mall of Asia, between Arena and SMX on Coral Way, and behind the second, elevated bridge on Seaside Avenue.

In the event of an extension of the route, the Green Frog Zero Emission Transport adds a new vehicle to ensure the same 15-minute frequency between trips.

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Green Frog Bus Route Schedule


Operating hour


Monday to Friday

6 a.m to 7.30 p.m

30-40 minutes

Saturday & Sunday No trips

Green Frog Bus Route Fare

Green Frog fares are fixed, with PHP 20 for cash payment and PHP 15 with the Green Frog debit card.

You can purchase the Green Frog debit card for PHP 200, including a deposit for PHP 50 cards and ten uses worth PHP 150. You use your card by touching the payment machine near the driver.

Other information

All Green Frog hybrid Buses are equipped with CCTV cameras. Therefore, the safety of Green Frog Bus cars is undoubtedly improved compared to other provincial and city buses.

If needed, you can contact the Green Frog Bus by +63.2.511.7973

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Green Frog Bus Route: Conclusion

With the designed route going through lots of central locations between Makati and Manila, using the Green Frog Hybrid Bus is a great way to get around the cities with great ease and comfort. 

You can head to Ayala Museum, Greenbelt Chapel (one-time bus transfer), and the Ayala stop’s central business district easier than ever. 

Meanwhile, the LRT-Taft terminal connects with the Mall of Asia and Baywalk can also turn your multi-city tours into the most comfortable and fast-forward ones.

Have you ridden this hybrid bus already? Freely share your experiences on the Green Frog Bus route with us in the comment section!

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