Everything You Should Know About The Tesla Model X Price In The Philippines

Nov 01, 2022

Tesla Model X is one of the most popular electrical automobiles with an impressive design. If you’re wondering about the Tesla Model X price in the Philippines, freely stick with us till the end!

Tesla Model X Price in the Philippines: Introduction

Nowadays, one of the most intricated and complicated challenges humans have to deal with in many rapidly-developed countries is protecting the environment. Hence, the ideal solution is by using green fuels to minimize emissions. 

And for that, electric cars are the future for green living. Originated from a famous American technology company, Tesla has "encroached" into the electric car segment and so far has had initial successes.

tesla model x price philippines

The automaker under the direction of billionaire Elon Musk has launched the outstanding Tesla Model X.

Philcarnews.com will now give you some more interesting facts about the Tesla Model X price in the Philippines.

Tesla Model X Price in the Philippines: Variants & Prices

Tesla Model X cars are fully imported from the US, so the cost is pretty high due to the total cost of international ordering and shipping. Moreover, Tesla is often imported by private companies, so the prices are more added up. 

In the Philippines, Tesla is offering two versions of Model X 2020 at the estimated starting price of PHP 4,500,000

Tesla Model X Philippines Prices & Variants

Tesla Model X Variant


Tesla Model X Long Range

~ P‬HP 4,568,080

Tesla Model X Performance

~ PHP 6,328,960


Tesla Model X Price in the Philippines: Tesla Model X Review

Sooner or later, in the future, this will be a type of advanced transport that will replace the internal combustion engine. These futuristic electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model X, have excellent exterior design and top-notch entertainment and safety equipment.

Tesla Model X 2020: Exterior

The Tesla Model X's front end is designed quite simply with a modern rounded shape. The most impressive feature is the subtly styled grille in a chrome-plated T-shape embracing the company's logo.

The headlamp cluster uses LED technology for eye-catching lighting effects while the tail stands out with a large rear light cluster with the shiny chrome bar across the center.

Especially, the most striking feature of this model is the impressive wing-opening rear door, which can give off a satisfying feeling that you may have never experienced before on other car models. Moreover, as long as you have the key, the front door will open automatically when you approach.

tesla model x price

The 2020 Model X has an elegant design.

2020 Tesla Model X - Everything You Wanted to Know

Tesla Model X 2020: Interior 

The entire seat system of the Tesla Model X 2020 is covered with high-quality Nappa leather. Meanwhile, the ceiling is covered with Alcantara leather, which can easily attract customers with classy and relaxed senses when entering the car.  

The Tesla Model X 2020's front seats are designed in a sporty style with high headrests and equipped with an optimal heating function while the rear seats come with an electric adjustment that can slide and fall independently. 

The 3rd row of seats is not available; if you want, you can optionally add a row with a price of about PHP 19,000 (4000 USD). However, they will be a bit uncomfortable compared to the other two rows of seats.

Another impressive feature of the car is the air-conditioning doors which are accompanied by a glossy and modern coating.

tesla model x price philippines 2020

The modern dashboard with the full functions of Tesla Model X 2020.

This model also uses a 17-inch touch screen that can connect to multiple devices such as Bluetooth, USB, radio, or navigation system and a modern 7 - 12 speaker sound system with the best sound quality.

Tesla Model X 2020: Engine & Performance

Tesla Model X 2020 is equipped with two electric engines with total power up to 752Hp. All versions use an all-wheel-drive powertrain. 

With this powerful engine, Tesla Model X can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds, which is impressively equivalent to the speed of the iconic McLaren F1 Supercar.

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Tesla Model X 2020: Safety Features 

tesla model x price philippines

The most prominent highlight in the Tesla Model X 2020 model's safety system is the automatic driving system.

The car has many advanced safety features such as reversing cameras, lane departure warning system, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and parking assistance.

Besides, its cabin is also equipped with eight airbags that can effectively restrain the occupants' injuries in unexpected collisions.

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Tesla Model X Price in the Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is a Tesla Model X in Philippine peso?

It costs you about 3,346,863 to 6,587,323 Philippine Peso for a Tesla Model X.

Q: How far can the Tesla X go on one charge?

The Tesla X can go for 382km to a maximum of 465km after one charge.

Tesla Model X Price in the Philippines: Conclusion

The Tesla Model X is a classy, ​​luxurious, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced SUV. Although the Tesla Model X price in the Philippines is eternally high, the experiences it brings is worth every penny. 

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