The Latest Updates On South East Metro Manila Expressway

Dec 18, 2020

Get updated with some highlighted news on the South East Metro Manila Expressway in the Philippines.

South East Metro Manila Expressway: Introduction

Lots of people may think Metro Manila is such a purely gorgeous and spectacular city since it was described in a famous novel by Dan Brown.

However, being starred in a novel as a “Gate of Hell”, Manila can not always shine at its best because of the rush-hour-hunts of cramped-crowding traffics. 

The city’s traffic is so irritated that due to tons of negative comments on Manila's main routes and highways of citizens, the authorities have to take drastic actions to improve traffic conditions as soon as possible.

southeast metro manila expressway

Metro Manila is the most congested city in developing Asia

Short-term solutions such as blocking roads, banning provincial buses, eliminating old jeepneys, etc.. are gradually being implemented. These methods just partially improve the congestion and reduce the chaos of traffic in Manila, but not completely. 

Therefore, the government has also built up some long-term solutions such as the "Build, Build, and Build" program. The program is made with the purpose of accelerating the modernization of the Philippines and bringing the country into the "Golden Age of Infrastructure". 

One highlight of this program is the South East Metro Manila Expressway (SEMME) construction, commonly known as Ring Road 6 or the C6 Expressway. Because of the high traffic volume in recent years, the construction of the 34km C6 expressway will diversify the road network. 

San Miguel Group (SMC) plans to open the C6 route by 2020, connecting the FTI (Food Terminal Inc.) area in Taguig with the Batasan Complex in Quezon City.

C6 Expressway Philippines

The route's endpoint connects with the North Luzon Highway (NLEX). 

Travel time between Quezon City and Taguig is currently at least an hour and a half. However, if traveling on the C6 expressway, the expected time will be reduced to 35 minutes.

In addition to the time reduction of traveling from city to city, congested arterial roads in the capital will be loosened up thanks to the South East Metro Manila Expressway

Specifically, traffic in crowded routes such as Ortigas Avenue, EDSA, Ortigas Extended Avenue, C5, or areas like BGC and The Fort will be significantly reduced in volume. Even some developing cities like San Mateo, Taytay, Rizal, and Antipolo also benefit from the C6.

In this article, will highlight some areas that will get the most advantages when the C6 expressway is in completed operation.

South East Metro Manila Expressway: Bonifacio Global City/The Fort/McKinley Hill

With that said, Taguig - at the southern end of the C6 highway connects to the Skyway route in Bicutan, which is the main connected area. 

This metropolitan area has already located some leading business districts such as The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, and McKinley Hill. 

With the connection via the C6 route, the city will soon become a prime location that is convenient for many people coming to work and play.

metro manila expressway

Taguig’s accessibility to airports will be improved once SEMME construction is completed.

South East Metro Manila Expressway: Makati Central Business District

Being an essentially central business area in the Philippines, Makati is one of the areas that deal with the most traffic congestions in the metropolitan region. 

Its large population and the service economy have resulted in high traffic frequency, which often congests the main gateways of the city. Because the main highways available are not connected, traffic congestion still occurs frequently in the city.

Once the C6 route connecting Skyway and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) in Bulacan is completed, traffic turbulence in Makati will likely to be improved. 

Instead of opting for EDSA, drivers and motorists also have a less-cramped route option on the C6 route.

metro manila train station congestion

Since the highways will allow bus or FX vans, commuters may no longer be stuck at any congestion at train stations.

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South East Metro Manila Expressway: Ortigas Avenue and Ortigas Avenue Extension

Aside from the C5 and EDSA routes, to quickly get to the Ortigas Business District, people from Quezon City - the southern city of Paranaque, or the towns of Antipolo, Rizal, San Mateo, Las Pinas, and Muntinlupa are now having a great route option.

Not only does the Metro Manila Expressway offer an alternative that's less crowded and easily-navigated, but it also offers commuters a shorter travel time to the Ortigas without being drained out from the agony of heavy city traffic.

South East Metro Manila Expressway: Taytay, Antipolo, and San Mateo (Rizal)

As the road network and the infrastructure are improved, the flock of people will move less from the Metro Manila center to the suburbs. 

For that reason, the government decided to accelerate urbanization in developing cities such as Antipolo, Taytay, and San Mateo by constructing the Metro C6 expressway. 

Ortigas Avenue and Ortigas Avenue Extension

These cities will welcome the influx of people from the center, which in turn will attract more business opportunities and economic activities.

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In Conclusion

With the brand-new South East Metro Manila Expressway, you can now commute and plan your trip to other areas without suffering from traffic congestion at central routes.

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