LTO Exam Reviewer: What You Should Know To Get Your Own Driver's License!

Feb 16, 2022

Thinking of getting your driver's license but not knowing where to begin? The LTO Exam Reviewer is here to help you succeed on your first try!


You can freely ride in the Philippines! But, there are a few obstacles to overcome. First, drivers must master the proper vehicle operation. Then you'll need a national license plate.

It's not only about getting behind the wheel when you get your driver's license. Before you ride for the first time, you must complete several processes. They include an on-the-road practical test and a knowledge test!

When it comes to your exam, it's critical to understand what's lawful and what's not. So, what should you know about driving rules in the Philippines? 

This LTO Exam Reviewer article will assist you with all irritating rules. They can tangle even the most seasoned drivers!

LTO Exam Reviewer
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LTO Exam Reviewer English: Questions And Answers

In this LTO Exam Reviewer Tagalog, we have listed the 20 most common questions for you. You can search further on the official website of LTO Exam Reviewer with Answers in English.

1. What can you do to avoid gridlock?

A: Maintain opposing spaces on the road available to cut road congestion.

2. What should you do to make the turn on the right side? 

A: Remain in the outermost lane and show your desire to turn right at least 30 meters ahead of your proposed move.

3. If you're preparing to make a left or right turn, when should you announce your intention? 

A: If you're about to turn left or right, you should state your signal 25 meters ahead of time. 

4. When may you turn left at a crosswalk with a stoplight? 

A: You can only make a left turn when both green and left-turn lights appear.

5. Which category does the round, reverse triangular, or octagonal symbols with red outline belong to? 

A: Regulatory signs. 

6. What is the name of the red-bordered triangular-shaped symbols?

A: Warning or caution signal. 

7. What does the presence of a firm, dual yellow line with a central broken white segment denote?

A: There will be no overtaking.

8. What can you do on a four-lane road with a single white stripe? 

A: You can overtake when passing the road with four lanes attached to a white line.

9. When performing a U-turn, what should you bear in mind? 

A: Check for traffic following you before making a U-turn, and use your turn signals to signify your intentions to turn.

10. What can reduce the legal traffic system of corruption and fraud?

A: Individuals who follow traffic standards and policies on the road.

11. The circular and rectangular symbols with blue-white backdrops correspond to which category?

A: Indicators that provide information.

12. What does a single line with a line segment mean on a two-lane roadway?

A: Vehicles are moving in reverse on this route. 

13. What should you do when you come to a halt in front of a crosswalk? 

A: It would help if you surrendered to walkers by coming to a complete stop. 

14. What is the cost of the penalty for riding an unregistered automobile? 

A: You have to pay Php 10,000 for this fault. 

15. How close do you need to locate your car from a road junction?

A: It would help if you parked 5 meters away from the intersection.

16. What does a green light signify when there is a crossing?

A: It allows vehicles to pass the street, except for walkers.

17. What does a constant red light at a junction symbolize? 

A: Riders should stop at the specified line and wait for the green light. 

18. What is the sign of a flashing yellow light? 

A: Drivers should pay attention while going ahead at a slow speed.

19. What is the punishment for the first infraction of driving a motorbike after drinking alcohol? 

A: A driver's license that is non-professional must be under the suspension of law court for 12 months if it is the final conviction. 

20. How much does the penalty cost if a PUV rider declines to do obligations? 

A: Php 1,000.

LTO Reviewer Tagalog Of Traffic Signs & Their Meanings

Traffic Signs


Drivers must come to a complete stop at the authorized solid white line, and no parking is permissible within 6 meters.

traffic sign - give way

Allow cars on the right side of the junction to enter and yield.

traffic sign Philippines - left turner

People intending to turn left must first make way to other drivers.

traffic sign

No parking notice at the bus stop location

traffic sign parking

No parking notice at the Jeepney stop location

traffic sign

Maintain the junction clean free at all times, without halting or parking

No entry sign

No entry permit for all sorts of cars

Cars must use the routes outlined in these signs.

Speed Limit sign

Limitation of speed (Highest velocity allowed)

End limit  sign

The endpoint of speed limitation

Minimum speed limit sign

Limitation of speed (Lowest velocity allowed)

Tips for the LTO Reviewer Exam

Choose Your Preferred Language

Here are some pointers on how to prepare for the test. This test will be accessible in either Filipino or English, so choose the best suits your language skills. Before selecting, look at both surveys to see which one will work best.

Pay Attention To The Guidelines 

During both the theory and practical portions, the inspector may give recommendations and tips for you. So stay focused on listening to them.

Careful Consideration Of Each Question

The test will assess your ability to read and comprehend the rider's manual and your grasp of what to do in various scenarios. These conditions might involve several on-the-road circumstances. Hence, it would help if you were careful in reading any question.

Stay Calm

Remember that the exam is an opportunity to show your knowledge of everything connected to driving on the road. Remember that panic will only make it more difficult to focus on your responsibilities. So keep cool and attentive, and don't forget to wear your seatbelt or use your turn signal!

Tips for the LTO Reviewer Exam

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If you're ready to take the next step in your journey of becoming a licensed rider, we can help with the LTO Exam Reviewer! 

There are so many rewards that come with getting your driver's license. It includes the freedom and independence of driving yourself anywhere and anytime you want. 

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