Panasonic Car Battery Philippines: Powering Up Vehicles With Graces

Dec 11, 2020

Let's take a closer look to see how the Panasonic car battery in the Philippines can shake your car’s heart-core right now!

Panasonic Car Battery in the Philippines: Introduction

A wave of car battery evolution has risen more powerful than ever in the auto market since the fast-n-forward technology world emerged. 

Nowadays, finding a battery product is no longer difficult since many different brands offer basic to high-end products in the market. 

panasonic car battery philippines

Choosing a durable and quality backup car battery at a reasonable price is not easy. 

With the motto of bringing quality products at affordable prices to the Filipinos, the Panasonic battery wholesaler has released many high-performance batteries that can easily enter the new generation of dynamic energy products for cars and received lots of love.

Let's find out why the Panasonic car battery Philippines can shake the world with in the following article.

Panasonic Car Battery in the Philippines: Review

Needn’t much to say, one of the biggest car battery brands in the Philippines is Panasonic. This Japanese brand is remarkably popular as it is acknowledged by almost people of all ages and classes. 

Review panasonic car battery Philippines

The Panasonic battery’s power capacity and high conversion rate are flexibly fit the wide ranges of vehicles.

The energy development of Panasonic products is supported by some new technologies such as fast-charging ability and the simultaneously charged-setting for two cars.

If you are a user of high-intensity devices, the Panasonic car battery Philippines is one of the top-rated choices.

If you have used or maybe just taken a quick look at a Panasonic battery, the first thing you notice will be its packaging, which is designed with a basic white-blue tone. 

All information of the brand, the product line, capacity, place of manufacture, precautions for use is printed clearly, especially the standard power of the targeted-charging vehicles in a silver rectangular frame, making it easy for customers to find and select products. 

Another great point of this product line is the QR code marked on the box, which can help customers to check and activate the warranty.

panasonic car battery core

The battery core is made of Lithium polymer using colloidal electrolytes. 

Specifically, with a multi-layer lithium-ion structure and high-density polymer molecules, the battery will circulate better and can avoid problems such as battery swelling and explosion. 

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Moreover, the products’ modern technology and rigorous testings are assured customers of a more durable product line than many others.

A downside is that Panasonic car battery can be quite difficult to find locally. However, some car brands are originally equipped their vehicles with one, such as Lexus and Subaru.

Panasonic Car Battery in the Philippines: Panasonic vs Amaron Car Battery

Whether it is domestic or imported products, all types of car batteries are divided into two main categories: water batteries and dry batteries.

In the Philippine market, two outstanding representatives of the 2 product lines are Panasonic and Amaron. 

Panasonic vs Amaron Car Battery

There are no certain standards to assess which car batteries are better. 

To be more thorough in assessing the most suitable battery brand for you, please take the analyzed pros and cons of the Panasonic and Amaron batteries in the following table for your quick reference. 

Panasonic vs Amaron Car Battery: Which Is Better?





No water


PHP 4,000

PHP 4,400


- Strong electric current.

- Reasonable price.

- Can be easily removed to run other equipment such as electric fans.

- The power is often weakened before it runs out and can still be restored for a long time.

> Enough to start the engine and take the car to the center.

- No need to add water, additional electrolyte during use.

- Durable and strong

- Acid fumes do not corrode the metal around the tank

> Dry batteries are usually cleaner.

- No gas emits outside > No unpleasant odor


- Must be recharged periodically for about three months.

- Can cause an unpleasant odor or cause a burning gas when recharging.

- The lid inside is prone to rust due to the acid solution inside the bottle’s evaporating.

- Shorter time-using than dry batteries’.

- Higher priced than water batteries.

- Easily runs out of power suddenly

> Causing unexpected difficulties

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Panasonic Car Battery Philippines: Additional Guide

You can take into consideration the following guide for a more effective Panasonic car battery usage:

1. How much do you use your car?

Because the car battery directly affects the vehicle's operation smoothness, it is important to acknowledge its life cycle to avoid the car stalling in the middle of the road.

If regular maintenance is done on the right cycle, the service life can be extended up to 4 years.

2. How is the overall climate in your area?

If the temperature of the place you live is often maintained at a high level, it will adversely affect the battery. 

In this case, you should use an extra coating or battery insulation to prevent these Panasonic energy-loaded boxes from being affected by the heat radiating under the bonnet. 

If the temperature gets low in winter, especially in the mountainous areas, batteries can also be affected. At this time, you should use a heat guard to protect the car battery.

3. How do you use your vehicle?

If you regularly have to use a car, you can choose a water battery such as Panasonic's as it will be durable and economical. However, it requires the owner to pay regular attention and care, or else the acid water inside will evaporate with no initial warning.

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Panasonic Car Battery Philippines: Final Words

A car battery is responsible for transmitting electricity to components such as radios, air conditioners, and lights, especially for the car-idling process.

Panasonic car battery in the Philippines

You should be careful when choosing to get a quality battery with an extended lifespan. 

Will your choice be the Panasonic car battery Philippines or its rivals? Share with us your thoughts on our social media pages. 

Thank you for staying till the end and see you next time with more helpful Tips and Advice for your car!