Honda Civic Modified: Tips & Tricks To Get The Chicks

Mar 04, 2021

Are you craving a standing-out modified Honda Civic among regular cars? These mods below can be worth-considering.

Honda Civic Modified: Introduction

If you are an enthusiastic car lover, you will probably know the global tuning treasure - the Honda Civic. Thanks to the upgraded-complex and high-tech system on the 10th generation, Honda has increased the ability to change and innovate the Civic in special requirements.

You can find a few great ideas in this article to get the 2016-2020 Honda Civic modified in the Philippines.

Let’s get started with right away!

Honda Civic Modified: Handling Adjustment By Replacing Coilovers

Overall, the engine tuning for the 2016-2020 Honda Civic is quite impracticable. Frankly, though, this change can easily mess up your engine system, especially with the RS variant’s turbochargers.

However, you can approach the modification just by changing the performance of the Civic. By getting a set of coil-overs, you can change its height and lower the center of gravity and also adjust dampening. Low-pitching will make your Honda Civic look cooler than ever.

honda civic modified car

Although the 10th generation of the Honda Civic is entirely new, there are many options for its coil-overs in the market.

With an affordable budget, you can have the Raceland Coilovers at PHP 21.000. Raising the price to PHP 41.000, you can choose between the Godspeed Monomaxx front and rear set and the Tein Street Advance Z Kit. If you have a large budget for the tuning, you can spend PHP 50.000 on the Buddy Club Sport Spec.

Also, the lowering springs will be available from PHP 10.000 to PHP 15.000, keep your eyes on those.

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Honda Civic Modified: New Set Of Wheels

For the Honda Civic, you can change the six-inch wheels of the S and E variant and the 18-inch wheels of the RS. With the Honda PH's Modulo 17-inch wheels and Modulo Side Skirts, you can also make a few tweaks.

Replacing the 20-inch aftermarket wheels for all variants of the Honda Civic is worth-considering. However, these wheels’ sets can be quite expensive and difficult to find for an aftermarket set of the RS Turbo.

honda civic modifications

With the "hella squat" design of the Honda Civic, 17x8 wheels with a 40mm offset will be very suitable for the wheels.

However, due to the slightly large size, you need to adjust to roll out the fenders and make the groove smaller, especially for the tuck setup.

In case you want a “flush” fitment, you can opt for 17x8 with a 35mm offset. Using this aftermarket accessory, you can rest assured that the wheels will not stick out and damage the fenders. 

You can opt for the popular RPF1 set for PHP 50.000. With the cost of PHP 30.000 is the famous Avid AV6s. Even with a locally-produced Rota Grid, you can save even more.

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Honda Civic Modified: Sound System Improvements

For a party in the ample space, the Honda Civic's six-speaker set doesn't seem like enough. For more attraction and enhanced entertainment experiences, revamp the sound system is a great choice.

With a budget of PHP 30.000 for the accessories and PHP 3.000 for the labor, you can get an upgraded audio version suitable for the cutout segments of the Honda Civic. 

With the front, the 6.5-inch Infinity Kappa amplifier will fit snugly into the available holes. Likewise, a 6.5-inch Infinity will also be perfectly suited for the back rear. For the subwoofer system under the seat, you should choose Kenwood for the subwoofer and JBL amp.

modified honda civic hatchback

If the accessories you choose do not fit in the existing cutout arrays, you will need to pay more for modification labor to tackle the problem.

Honda Civic Modified: Turn Civic Into Civic Type R

With a relatively high price point, the Honda Civic Type R comes as a premium version of the Honda Civic series. However, thanks to the advanced technology and up-level modifications, you can always turn your Civic E, S, or RS into a premium Civic Type R.

The upgraded modifier includes a Type R body kit, Type R fenders, Type R hood, Type R roof spoiler, Type R side panels, and carbon fiber interior details for the design. 

civic modified

Make your vanilla Honda Civic look like this!

As for the engine, the modification highlights are the Type R starter, custom strut, hood dampers, short air intakes, Type R engine cover, and exhaust valves (if you have RS Turbo).

We would recommend the aftermarket auto parts store in Quezon City, Kingz Accezz Online, which offers the entire "magic surgery to the Honda Civic Type R" at the total cost of PHP 150.000. 

Besides, it would be a good time to unleash your creativity by mixing a new color paint or matching some Type R's unique accessories with the Honda modulo body kit.

Honda Civic Modified: Final Thoughts

With just a little extra cost, you can completely transform an original Honda Civic into an outstanding upgraded version, which can even reach the premium driving experiences as the Honda Civic Type R’s. Currently, you should note that modifying a Civic’s CVT gearbox and turn it into a manual transmission can be extremely expensive.

But overall, here are some ideas for your Honda Civic Modified in the Philippines. Hope you enjoy it!

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