Tips On How To Deal With The Check Engine Light Is On

Sep 20, 2022

There are numerous factors you need consider when driving a car to maintain safety and keep the vehicle in good condition. What does it mean when the check engine light is on? What is the cause and how to reset check engine light? The article below will address all these queries.

What does check engine light mean?

What does check engine light mean? It means the warning signal on the main board, which indicates a problem with the car's emissions, ignition, fuel, or exhaust systems has been found by the onboard diagnostics system. You shouldn't ignore it to have better car maintemance because it could be caused by something as minor as a loose gas cap, something serious like a malfunctioning catalytic converter, or something in between. All vehicles and light trucks have onboard diagnostics that are designed to identify issues with the emissions control systems that are related to the engines.

check engine light

The check engine light is a warning signal which indicates a problem in your car

Every time you start the engine with other warning lights on, the check engine light should also flash briefly. This light is often a yellow or orange outline with the words "Check" or "Service Engine." If it continues to illuminate, an issue exists. If the check engine light on your car flashes or blinks instead of staying on, there is a major issue that need to be fixed right away.

4 most common reasons for check engine light on

There are many different reasons when the engine light comes on, of which there are 4 main reasons as follows:

Loose gas cap

When it comes to engine lights on, this is the most common and simple issue. Your gas tank system's pipes and valves circulate and prevent the escape of gasoline fumes. This small element alone will easily turn on the "check engine" light if the gas cap is unsecured. A broken or missing gas cap might result in fuel loss from evaporation or improper fuel system circulation, which is one of the more manageable CEL-related problems.

Dirty mass airflow sensor (MAS)

The amount of air entering the engine must be measured to establish how much gasoline is required to run it. That is the mass airflow sensor's function (MAS). Cleaning the MAS might help since it is vulnerable to oil and dirt gathering. If not, a replacement might be necessary. Inappropriate air-to-fuel ratios can result in breakdowns in other parts of the engine and undoubtedly affect performance and fuel efficiency.

Dirty MAS

Dirty MAS can cause check engine light on

Spark plug issues

One of the reasons engine lights come on is worn spark plug. To create combustion and power your engine's cylinders, your spark plugs activate a mixture of fuel and air. They may not be firing properly, which could result in an engine misfire that worsens your engine's performance and increases hydrocarbon emissions.

Catalytic converter has problem

Carbon monoxide is converted to carbon dioxide by the catalytic converter, aiding in environmental protection. A defective one could prevent you from passing emissions tests by decreasing performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions. A catalytic converter failure is typically caused by something else, such as a burst head gasket, which can push burned coolant vapor into your car's exhaust, so simply replacing it won't usually solve the problem.

What should you do when check engine light on?

When you see the check engine light is on, there must be something wrong. You can follow these step to get it fixed:

Turn your car off and on 

To reset the check engine light, you can try to turn off and turn on the car at least three times. It may help reset the code.

Check the gas cap

Sometimes the check engine light is on because of your gas cap looses. Just tighten it then everything is fine.

Check the onboard diagnostics

There are onboard remote diagnostics devices in many modern cars. These systems have the ability to report error codes and arrange a service appointment accordingly.

Take the car to the mechanic

When your "check engine" light flashes, whether it is solid or flickering, it is better to have it repaired. The light could mean a lot of different things, and the most of them will need to be identified and fixed by a mechanic. It’s the best solution for you to address the issue and got it fixed in the right way.

Going to the mechanic

      Going to the mechanic is the best solution when the check engine light is on


The check engine light is on which warns you that your car has problem. If you are in this trouble, follow our guide above in this article to determine the reasons and the suitable solutions. Stay with us for further attractive news about car!