Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines: Recommended Products To Buy For 2022

Oct 29, 2020

Would you like to get rid of the smell in your car efficiently yet spending little money? Here's the ten best car air fresheners in the Philippines in 2022 right away!

Is your car smelling bad? You have tried many ways to overcome it, such as using fruits or essential oils, yet the situation seems unalterable and even worse.

This is the right time for a car freshener to show its best supports. Commonly, a certified product can effectively eliminate car odors and give you a truly comfortable driving space. 

If you are still wondering which car freshers are the best-suited for your car, let’s get into the updated list of ten best car air fresheners in the Philippines right away with Philcarnews to aid your car odor with a more comfortable and distinguished sense.

Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines: Definition

In general, car air fresheners are the freshen products that can get rid of unwanted smells in your car. By and large, they are affordable so you don't have to worry about their prices.

You know, once you get out of your vehicle, some polluted air in your vehicle will be trapped in the cabin's space. This means that when food or something smells inside, their odor will blend with the car's interior and give out the 'best-relaxing' experiences. And when you enter the car plus the effect of the air conditioning systemyou will immediately feel overwhelmed and unpleasant.

best car air freshener in the philippines

Car air fresheners can brighten your cabin's atmosphere in a blink of an eye.

Moreover, fresheners can not only emit a pleasant fragrance but also disinfect the car air. Because of the dust and moist from the outside air invasion, germs can be easily formed inside the vehicle.

Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines: How Safe Are They?

Most car air purifiers are made from Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOCs. Despite its pleasant aroma, this synthetic chemical is not good for health. It can cause many negative effects such as headaches, nausea, cancer, or even affect the central nervous system, etc.

Hence, if you are not completely trusted with the mentioned commonly-used chemical, then instead of using industrial products, you can prioritize natural products such as coffee beans, lemon, orange, clove, cinnamon, vanilla bean,... Natural products will be more secured and healthier for you and your family.

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Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines: Top 10 Recommended Products For 2022

Various Types Of Car Air Freshener Philippines On The Market

In general, these products are used to increase the interior aesthetics of the car and eliminate odors. Depending on the budget of each customer, people might consider the following types of purifiers:

Firstly, current air diffusers are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the Philippines market. This system helps the vehicle to improve air rapidly, efficiently, and easily. However, "you get what you pay for", so you should have a reasonable evaluation of this expensive category.

Secondly, small tree freshens products have been around since 1952. For so many years, these plants are very affordable, but the downside is that their aroma does not have a long shelf life compared to the same other types.

car air freshener philippines

You can freshen up your car's interior odors with these best fresh products right now!

Thirdly, handmade fresheners are also very suitable for customers on a tight budget. You can still choose products that are simple but equally creative. With these categories, you only need essential oils and a little bit of talent. It is not difficult to rejuvenate the car air as you want without a big cash flow.

Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines 2022: Price Breakdown & Products Reviews

We will now breakdown the top 10 car air fresheners in the Philippines price and their overall reviews. Stay out for more helpful information!

1. Little Pine Trees

Price: PHP 50

car air freshener price philippines

Little Trees Car Perfume Special Fragrances

Invented in Watertown, New York in 1952, Little Pine Trees is an iconic air freshener that first appeared as a coolant in the automotive industry. You can extend the fragrance's life up to 7 weeks by just tearing a small triangle on top of the package, pulling the plant out little by little, and letting it emit a gentle fragrance in your car day by day.

With low cost and convenience in use, it deserves to be one of the 10 best car air fresheners Philippines in 2020.

2. Lyco Car Air Freshener

Price: PHP 200

With six distinct scents consisting of Lavender, Green Tea, Fresh Bamboo, Peppermint, Coffee and Cherry, Lyco Car Air Freshener are used as a scent-hanging diffuser. This product always spread a chill-out space, genial, and natural design in harmony with the interior.

car air freshener philippines 2020

Lyco Car Air Freshener

3. Glade Sport Car Freshener

Price: PHP 214

Another top product on our today's list comes from the brand Glade. This is not only a familiar item for cars but also can be used in the home space. The fragrance can spread for up to 75 days. 

best car air freshener in the philippines

Glade Sport - One of the best car air fresheners in the Philippines available nowadays.

4. Organic of California Scents Spill-proof

Price: 230

This product has another meaning as a symbol of California Scents. This air freshener has been around for many years and is very popular among users.

Organic of California Scents Spillproof Air Freshener

Organic of California Scents Spillproof Air Freshener

Normally, the scent of the Organic California Scents can linger up to two months. Moreover, the brand also offers a variety of scents to meet diverse customer needs.

5. Ambi Pur Car Vent Clip Lavender Comfort

Price: PHP 259

Besides Glade, Ambi Pur is also a well-known freshener manufacturer in the community. The Ambi Pur car freshener has a minimalistic look and a vivid and lingering scent. Customers can choose freely from a variety of scents. 

Ambi Pur Car Vent Clip Lavender Comfort

Ambi Pur Car Vent Clip Lavender Comfort

6. Car Fragrance Clip

Price: PHP 901

Another safe product available in the market is the Fragrance Clip. The product has a variety of natural scents with many non-alcohol fragrances, This air car purifier is very pleasant and health-friendly for pregnant women and children. It generally does not take up so much space so that you can place it in the car without any driving obstacles.

best car air freshener philippines

There are so many Fragrance Clip shapes in the market for you to choose from.

7. Bulldog Car Air Freshener

Price: PHP 2,120

You are looking for a unique product? Here is a good suggestion for you, the Bulldog Car Air Freshener. In the form of a colorful Bulldog, this kind of freshener can make you comfortable and excited when driving.

You can freely choose the favorite one from a diverse scent consisting of Fruit, Chocolate, Cod, Caramel, English coffee, grapefruit... that all bring a fresh and relaxing space for the car. Attach it to the air-conditioning vents and the new Bulldog will immediately show its best use while radiating the fragrance throughout the full cabin space.

The Bulldog Car Air Freshener

The cool Bulldog Car Air Freshener

8. Auto Diffuser 

Price: PHP 2,333

The automatic diffuser acts as a fan; this automatic diffuser is also quite large compared to other similar products. What's more, it can remove Formaldehyde from the air.

When using this, you should adjust the automatic diffuser modes instead of turning on the air conditioner simultaneously. Because the scent is diverse, but under air-conditioning, it can be thick and makes you feel stuffy.

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top car air freshener in the philippines

The Car Auto Diffuser 

9. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Price: PHP 3,418

If you fancy bamboo-charcoal-rooted products, you may like this air freshener - the PURGGO. This is not a gel-like product, not an ionizer, nor a spray, it is more like a pillow.

Bamboo charcoal can eliminate smells but does not give off its odors. It is suitable for those who are sensitive to the scent. You can use the Purggo in one full-year and it will still show off the best at its jobs.

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

10. Deer perfume

Price: PHP 4,202

With a luxurious appearance and the ability to change colors as the fragrance, the Deer Perfume air freshener can be an intriguing gift for your loved ones. In use, you need to inject in these "deer" odorants to diffuse the scent you desire.

The usage of this car air purifier can be more complex than others. Nevertheless, it is also very flimsy. 

car air freshener price in the philippines

The Glamour Deer Car Air Freshener

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Best Car Air Freshener in the Philippines: Our Final Words

Every customer desires to choose the purifier products that can comfort and fragrant their life. After considering the list of the ten best car air fresheners in the Philippines above, we hope that you can find a suitable one for your car.

These products will bring you and your family healthier and comfortable journeys along the way. Thank you for sticking with us till the end! 

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