Non Pro License Requirements: What You Need To Know

Feb 28, 2022

If you are looking for information on non pro license requirements, you have come to the right place. Find out the requirements and how to acquire one!

It's time to make the jump from student driver's permission status into adulthood! The Non-Professional Driver License path is an excellent way for students commuting around and wanting more freedom. First of all, you should know the non pro license requirements for a motorist.

With these new rules, you'll be able to take on responsibilities like renting an apartment by yourself with ease while also driving legally during daylight hours without restrictions.

As you prepare to transition from being just an aspiring student permit holder, we've included what is needed on top of your essential qualifications and LTO credentials that will help make this process go smoothly!

Non Pro License Requirements Lto: Amazing Information For You

Non Pro License Requirements: What You Need To Know


The LTO is responsible for issuing driver's permissions to Filipino citizens and foreigners residing in the Philippines. 

An AD with supporting documents, such as a one-month-old student permit, will be submitted to the LTO. If you're a foreigner, you'll need to bring your original passport and visa.

A scanned copy of the medical certificate is sent directly to your LTO account. This document proves that you're fit and ready for any road tests!

The applicant must complete both the hands-on and written examinations before being given a new holder's claim card from an LTO-accredited clinic. For two years, applicants who have failed one of these two tests twice cannot apply for any permit.

If you live in the Philippines but are not yet a Filipino citizen, you must produce a birth certificate that the National Statistics Office has verified.

The waiting period for a new person's authorization card is thirty days. After passing both exams, the applicant will go on a motor vehicle for five years with that document.

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Qualifications Requirements For Non-Professional License LTO

Qualifications Requirements For Non-Professional License LTO


Do you want to get your driving privileges renewed in the quickest way possible? If so, then head down with these directions!

The regulations can be daunting, but luckily we've laid out all of them for you all below:

1. To apply for a non-professional motorist's claim at the LTO, the applicant must be 17 and above.

2. A motorized vehicle operator has no illness in mental and physical state.

3. An applicant has to provide a valid student motorist's right.

4. A candidate must be proficient in Filipino, English, or a local dialect to apply.

5. Successfully passing the written and practical driving test is a requirement.

6. Applicants must appear presentable when they go to the LTO office. After all, you'll be taking a picture there as well. Therefore, shorts, sandals, and slippers are not permitted.

LTO Non Pro License Requirements For Renewal

The applicant's claim is about to expire, and they should apply for a new one. A motorist's request form or ADL must also be submitted with the application and medical certification from an accredited clinic to receive it within 30 days after taking all necessary steps!

The good news is that you can avoid the hassle of taking a motorist's test if your approval isn't up for renewal yet.

What Are The Fees Requirements For Non Pro License?

The Fees Requirements For Non Pro License


Please don't forget that this total might not be accurate for you as the fee could vary between different regions. 

The written exam costs $167 and includes a rental car if necessary with an additional charge of 200 pesos (₱). This comes out to about 600 Filipino currency units or around USD 63 based on today's exchange rate, which we will use throughout our calculations below! 

The remaining expenses include ₱650 - asked by law since it does NOT come straight away from your bank account.

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Requirements For Non Pro Driver's License: FAQs

Requirements For Non Pro Driver's License: FAQs

1. Is it necessary to take a mandatory drug test to renew my LTO driver's permission?

A: It is no longer mandatory for individuals to undergo drug testing when applying for a motorist's ownership. Those pleased with their previous privileges may keep the same ones (with their color code and design) instead of getting new ones issued.

2. What is the passing score for the LTO written test?

A: Individuals must earn 30 out of 40 points to pass the LTO's non-pro exams.

3. How can I update my LTO change address on a driver's application?

You must fill out an application, as well as a photocopy of your Proof of Billing and bring the original copy

4. How much do I need to prepare if I apply for this right?

A: Prepare for about Php 820.26 if you want to complete your application on time. To cover the cost of photocopying, we recommend that you budget approximately Php 900 (not including the medical certificate's price).

5. What privileges does a non-pro permission provide?

A: Getting a non-professional driver's privilege is an excellent way to go on a motorcycle or a passenger car legally. To obtain one, the vehicle you go must not weigh more than 4,500 kgs, and it must be registered as a utility vehicle, family car, sports, utility vehicle, or minivan.

6. How will I get a motorist’s permission if I fail my LTO license written or practical exams for 2021?

A: Non pro driver's rules in 2020 will be able to take the driving and written tests three times a year, with at least one-month waiting time between attempts. If you fail either test for a second time, you'll have to wait a whole year before retaking it.


 A student permit is excellent for when you're in school, but it has limitations that make it difficult to use as an adult. Non pro license requirements are recommended things you should know if you want the full scope of driving privileges.

Hopefully, we have helped you understand the basic information about non pro driver's license requirements. 

We hope that getting a new motorist's claim will be less hassle! Thanks for your attention! Remember to follow our category Tips & Advise

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