Interesting fact: How long is car tire lifespan?

Sep 27, 2022

Tires are an important part that supports the entire weight of the vehicle and affects the safety of driving. So regularly checking to know when to change or patch tires is a must. This article suggests when to change car tires and some maintenance ways to increase the car tire lifespan.


car tire lifespan

How long is car tire lifespan?

Car tire lifespan

First of all, worn or damaged tires will affect the ability to affect the vehicle's responsiveness, especially with older car models. For example, the control, handling and braking of the car will not operate well. The longer a driver uses a worn tire, the higher the risk of being unsafe is. And it even affects the safety of other vehicles moving around you.

However, at the time of tire change, the user can ask an expert to assess if the tire needs to be changed. Each type of tire will have a different lifespan. Most of them expire after 5 years, so after this time car owners should change the tires and check once a year. Some manufacturers have warranties of up to 130,000 km or more depending on the vehicle type. Some other tires are built to run about 50,000 km or less.

Which factors affect a car tire lifespan?

How long a tire lasts varies on numerous factors. Here are some most common external reasons causing tire worn out faster:

1. Tire pressure

If we overinflate the tire, the pressure won't be as prescribed, the tire won't be flat when it makes contact with the road, and this will cause it to wear out quickly.

A steering wheel will become heavier if the tire pressure is too low because the tire will flatten and have more surface area in contact with the road. The issue of a car rolling to one side is caused by an imbalance in tire pressure, which also affects resistance between the left and right tires.

lifespan of car tire

      Some factors affects car tire lifespan

2. Loads

Heavy loads increase tire wear just as much as under-inflated tires. Tires wear out faster when the vehicle is heavily loaded because the greater centrifugal force when turning on the vehicle will generate more friction between the tire and the road surface.

Insufficient tire pressure, the shoulder of the tire wears out faster than the middle. Overcrowding has the same effect. If the tire pressure is too high, the midsection wears out faster than the shoulder.

3. Speed of the vehicle

The driving and braking forces, and the centrifugal force at turn acting on the tire increase in proportion to the square of the vehicle speed. Therefore, increasing vehicle speed will multiply these forces, and enlarge the frictional force between the tire tread and the road surface; and thus accelerate tire wear.

When should I change my tire?

How many years tire expiration provides you with signs. We will give 3 specific ways for car owners or drivers to identify themselves before taking them to a tire repair or replacement facility.


How Long a Tire Lasts

      How to know when we should change car tire?

Visual observation

If the car shows signs such as damaged tire valve cap, uneven tire tread, only very little, not sharp, when the tread is only about 1.6mm - 3mm, it means that the tire has worn out and needs to be replaced. Some car tires have small ear ridges between the tire grooves, when these ridges are exposed, it is time to change the tire.

Based on climate

Vehicles often move in harsh climates: scorching sun, wet rain, high temperature of the road and air, or snow and ice. Tires that are often exposed to oil, grease, and chemicals that can easily damage rubber should be replaced or patched.

Driver's perception

The car is not functioning smoothly if the steering wheel vibrates or produces strange noises while you are driving. A damaged or punctured tire is indicated by it. You must either change your tire or travel to the closest tire repair shop.

How to prolong the tire lifespan?

  • Check the tire's manufacturing date, which is printed on its surface, and be familiar with the characteristics, which vary based on the type of the car. Check your tires regularly, and it's best to take them to a professional or technician with competence in tire replacement for maintenance and inspection.
  • Do not drive too fast or brake hard. Do not exceed the allowable load, especially for trucks because the high pressure on the wheel will increase the friction force, causing the tire to wear quickly and be dangerous when driving. 
  • Use seasonally appropriate tires, for example: summer tires are not intended for use on slippery roads. Do not mix different tires.


This article has revealed the factors which impacts car tire lifespan and some tips to protect the life of tire. Hope you can apply them to your car to keep it in good condition for a long time. We will continue update many other interesting topics in the next post! Do not miss them!