Less-Than 500K Pesos Cheapest Brand New Car in the Philippines 2018

Oct 26, 2018

We discussed the cheapest brand new car in the Philippines 2018 per vehicle category for you to find your match.

With the continuous problem on the inflation rate, most Filipinos are tightening their belts to make sure that they can feed themselves and family. However, another problem that has long been around and continuously worsening is traffic! To add more, most local transportation units are also having technical problems and the fare is increasing more and more. That is the reason why some individuals are looking for the cheapest brand new car in the Philippines 2018.

Some may be surprised but having your own vehicle is actually more practical and convenient, especially when you add the cost of public transportation and the time spent falling in line just to get a ride.

Yes, fuel cost is high, but most car manufacturers are already making sure that their units are fuel-efficient. Similarly, despite the TRAIN law, some manufacturers did not really increase the price of their units as high as we would have expected. That said, this post from Philcarnews.com will give you a ran down of quality vehicles that cost less than 500,000 pesos.

I. Most Affordable Five-Speed Manual Transmission Sedans

Whether you are buying a vehicle for your daily commute to and from work or anywhere else, or a gift for your loved one or teenager, sedans are the perfect option. That is because they have enough seating and trunk capacity without having a large body. As for your options, we have found two possible units.

1. Lifan 520 DX at PHP 498,000

Lifan is a China-based motorcycle and car manufacturing company that has been around for many years and the Lifan 520 is the very first model of car that they have introduced in the market. Of course, each generation of the Lifan 520 has been upgraded and improved to match the changing needs of the users and the environment.

When it comes to five-seater sedans, the Lifan 520 DX is the cheapest new car in the Philippines. It is equipped with a 1.3L gasoline-type engine that has a fuel consumption of about 5.8 L/100 km. What is more is that with such a small engine, it delivers a max power, torque, and speed of 87 HP, 115Nm, and 155km/h, respectively.

Lifan 520 angular front

A Quick Look at the Lifan 520 DX

2. Tata Indigo LX at PHP 535,000

A not so popular brand, Tata Motors is an India-based manufacturer that started its operations around the year 2002. As similar to the first sedan we looked at, the Tata Indigo series had also come in different generations and was improved over the years.

With a maximum power of 70 HP at 4,500 RPM and torque of 135 Nm at 2,500 rpm, this has a larger engine than the Lifan, specifically 1.4L. The unit is somewhat more practical though since it requires diesel-type fuel and has a fuel consumption of 5.3 L/100km.

Tata Indigo LX Interior

The Tata Indigo series had also come in different generations and was improved over the years

II. Most Affordable Five-Speed Manual Transmission Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks, unlike sedans, offer easier access to your luggage since the compartment is just right at the back of the rear passenger seat. That said, they are also suited for individuals, couples, and small families. Here are two hatchbacks that won’t put a dent on your wallet:

1. Suzuki Alto 800 STD at PHP 445,000

The Suzuki Alto Standard is currently the most affordable hatchback that comes from a popular car brand and car dealer in the Philippines. It has a 0.8L gasoline-type engine that surprisingly delivers a max power 47HP at 6,200RPM.

With such a small body, this unit can accommodate four to five individuals depending on body size or frame. Nonetheless, the trunk can safely carry up to 177 liters of weight, thanks to its sturdy body and 2,360 mm wheelbase.

2. Haima 1 Deluxe at PHP 499,000

If you are not a fan of the rather awkward body shape of the Suzuki Alto, the Haima 1 Deluze would be a good option for you. Coming in at a slightly higher price, this hatchback has a bigger gasoline-type engine, specifically 1.2L, and maximum power output of 97HP at 6,000RPM. This can also accommodate four to five individuals.

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The Suzuki Alto 800 STD and Haima 1 Deluze

The Suzuki Alto 800 STD and Haima 1 Deluze

III. Most Affordable Brand New Cars 2018 Philippines for Businesses

Having a shipping or transporting business requires you to have a reliable vehicle but at the same affordable so that you can limit your initial cost. These two models do not just meet those requirements but are also fuel-efficient to make sure that you have limited overhead expenses.

1. BAIC MZ40 Cargo Van at PHP 488,000

This five-door minivan can accommodate up to eight individuals and can be reduced in order to increase the space for luggage or packages, living up to its “cargo” label. It is equipped with a 1.2L gasoline-type engine that has a maximum tank capacity of 45 liters, ensuring that you can use it for hours and in traffic without the fear of easily running out of gas. This can be used as an airport shuttle, delivery van, school service, and more.

A Quick Look at BAIC MZ40 Cargo Van

2. Foton Gratour Dropside at PHP 485,000

Foton is one of the car manufacturers that have an assembly plant in the Philippines and they have a lot of commercial, cheap cars for sale PhilippinesThe Gratour Dropside is a two-door truck-type vehicle that is loaded with a 1.2L gasoline engine that has a tank capacity of 50L.

It has a wheelbase of 2,650 mm and ground clearance of 190mm, which can assure you that it won’t perform less when you load it with items, whether light or heavy.

Leaked Photo of the Foton Gratour Dropside

The Gratour Dropside is a two-door truck-type vehicle that is loaded with a 1.2L gasoline engine

In this day and age when traffic in the Philippines is unavoidable and commuting is becoming tiresome and a burden, everybody wants to enjoy the comfort of having their own vehicle. However, one thing that stopping them is the commonly high prices of vehicles available.

Fortunately, you can already buy the cheapest brand new car in the Philippines 2018 even if your budget is less than 500,000 pesos. From individuals and families to business owners, you can find one that won’t disappoint you and your wallet!

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Source: Charisse Kim