Hiace Vs Starex: What Is Your Ultimate Choice?

Dec 28, 2020

Are you looking for a throughout comparison between Hiace vs Starex? The following article will bring you the outstanding features of each vehicle.

Hiace Vs Starex: Introduction

If you are finding a van for family, business, or transportation services purposes in the Philippines, then Toyota and Hyundai are the top two brands for you to choose from. 

With the different development visions, each car manufacturer offers different types of cars yet still wants to assure customers of their high quality and reasonable-purchased product. Being an outstanding representative for these international brands is the Hiace and Starex.

A detailed comparison between two famous van Hiace vs Starex will support you in making the most suitable choice. Let’s get into it right now with Philcarnews.com

Hiace Vs Starex: Exterior

In terms of exterior, the large size is the first common point between these two cars. With huge bulky bodies, both are suitable for a long journey rather than daily commutes around the street for a family. 

The Hyundai Grand Starex's exterior

Toyota Hiace exterior

Overall, the Starex's looks are superior to the Hiace's.

With a modern exterior, the Hyundai Grand Starex overall appearance is more eye-catching with LED lights for headlights and taillights. 

Meanwhile, the size of the Hiace's large cabin is a plus, which offers a large capacity with 14 seats.

Hiace Vs Starex: Interior & Practicality

With the interior design, the mediocre design of the Toyota Hiace continues to lose a point to the fancy and luxurious interior of its rival Starex.

Going into details, the experience of sitting inside a Starex cabin is more comfortable. Its high-quality leather seats and fancy interior details bring up an expensive and wonderful feeling. 

Hyundai Grand Starex interior

 The Starex's comfortable leather seats will relax you more than the Hiace's.

These interior features can also create uniqueness and comfort for the whole family on a long journey. Though the car’s cabin space and storage are not as large as the Hiace’s; but overall, it is not a remarkable gap since the intended use of the Starex is for commercial purposes.

Toyota Hiace's interior

On the other hand, although the interior is not Hiace's strong point, its cabin space is significantly larger. 

With the folding rear seats, you can easily expand the car's storage space. There are also lots of free spaces under and around the seats to place luggage. 

However, another downside of the Toyota Hiace is its comfort. Despite the large cabin capacity, customers can not be fully comfortable with some engine noises, the old design, and the not-so-updated sound insulation of this Japanese model.

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Hiace Vs Starex: Engine, Transmission & Performance

In this round, the Hiace's specs seem to outperform the Starex's, but the performance point of the two cars still has to be considered.

The Hiace's 3.0L diesel engine and 2.7L VVT-i petrol engine is bigger than the 2.4L MPi Starex engine. In contrast, the Starex's engine power is stronger with 170HP, which is 20 units higher than the 150HP Hiace.

With a smaller size, the Starex’s ability to change the speed is also faster, increasing from 0 to 100km/h in 14 seconds. Meanwhile, Hiace takes 18 seconds to accelerate fully. Despite the strong point of a more fuel-flourished engine, Hiace is unlikely to beat Starex in a race.

While the Starex has only one automatic option for the 5-speed gearbox, the Hiace series are more diverse with both automatic and manual configurations for the 6-speed gearbox. 

Toyota Hiace's engine

Under the hood of the all-new Toyota Hiace in the Philippines

hiace vs starex

The engine under the hood of the Hyundai Starex 2020.

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Hiace Vs Starex: Features & Equipment

While both vehicles have a suitable level and several technology features for the price tag, the Grand Starex does have a slight edge over the Hiace. The safety features in both models such as dual airbags, reversing cameras, and parking sensors are all equipped delicately. 

Hyundai also adds an ESC feature to keep safe when the driver loses control and the HSA feature to assist in climbing. The car aims to grand the most natural light to the cabin through the Dual Sun Roof and automatic light control system. 

The car's cooling system is quite adequate with rear A/C vents, a refrigeration box, and one-zone climate control. The driver can also easily achieves maximum comfort on long journeys thanks to the Conference Seat Mode.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Hiace safety system is standardized with dual airbags, brake assist, parking sensors, and a special Toyota Safety Sense.

The vehicle comfort is complete with the advanced infotainment system, including Windows Power Front with one touch, Central Lock, seat flexibility between the sliding and recliner seats, along with rear A / C vents and dual-zone climate control.

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Hiace Vs Starex: Variants & Prices

For the premium variants, two brands are now priced competitively. The highest price for the Hyundai Starex GLS variant is PHP 2,930,000, while PHP 2,320,000 is the price for the Hiace Grand GL.

Check out the Hyundai Grand Starex vs Toyota Hiace Philippines price lists in detail below:

Toyota Hiace 2020 - 2021: Variants and Pricelist

Toyota Hiace Variant


Toyota Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8 MT

PHP 1,634,000

Toyota Hiace GL Grandia 2.8 MT

PHP 2,070,000

Toyota Hiace GL Grandia 2.8 AT

PHP 2,145,000

Toyota Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8 MT

PHP 2,244,000

Toyota Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8 AT

PHP 2,319,000

Hyundai Grand Starex 2020 - 2021: Variants and Pricelist

Hyundai Grand Starex Variant


Hyundai Grand Starex GL 2.5 MT (Seatless)

PHP 1,248,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GL 2.5 MT

PHP 1,395,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GL 2.5 MT (Super Express)

PHP 1,445,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GL 2.5 MT (18-seater)

PHP 1,445,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GLS 2.5 CRDi AT (with Swivel)

PHP 2,060,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GLS 2.5 CRDi AT (Facelift w/ Swivel)

PHP 2,225,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GLS 2.5 CRDi Gold AT (Facelift)

PHP 2,328,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GLS 2.5 CRDi AT Premium

PHP 2,928,000

Hyundai Grand Starex GLS 2.5 CRDi Platinum AT (Facelift)

PHP 2,938,000

Hiace Vs Starex: Conclusion

While Hyundai Grand Starex is a family-oriented van with comfort, Toyota Hiace heads to a business industry as an employee’s picked-up vehicle. We have also clearly stated the specifications so you can compare two cars in the article.

We hope that this Hiace vs Starex article will be useful for you to some extent. Don't be afraid to ask more detailed questions in the comment section.

Hiace vs Starex Philippines

The Toyota Hiace or the 2020 Hyundai Starex - The choice is all up to you.

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