Passing LTO Driving Test in the Philippines: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 30, 2018

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In the Philippines, in order to have a driving license, you have to undergo a certain process, and that includes passing a Land Transportation Office or LTO driving test. Many people are not lucky enough to pass this test due to various reasons. In most cases, the main reason people fail is because of unpreparedness or uncontrollable jitters that affects their driving. It is important to know the reasons why most people fail the test. In that way, you’ll be able to take actions to avoid or overcome it.

There are a lot of things you need to know to successfully pass the LTO driving test. Being well-informed will give you an advantage and higher chances of passing the test. The following are the things you need that will help you pass brought to you by

Before you can take the driving test, you need to prepare the necessary documents in the LTO branch. These include taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) for employed applicants and original copy of birth certificate. You also have to completely fill out the driver’s license application form available at all LTO branch.

doing LTO test

Being well-informed will give you an advantage and higher chances of passing the test

However, there are rare cases that if applicants were not able to present an original copy of birth certificate. If this happens, you need to present a joint affidavit of two persons you know whom you’re not related to, to personally testify your identity. Or, you can present any legal document like passport, SSS, or any government-issued IDs to confirm your age and identity. You also need to present a proof of unavailability of records in PSA or civil registry office.

Upon completing the required documents, proceed to the LTO branch near you. The whole process is posted in tarpaulins in each branch. Once you’ve acquired a student’s license, you can start deciding if you want to enroll in driving schools or you can ask any friend or relative to teach.

LTO branch

Upon completing the required documents, proceed to the LTO branch near you

Just make sure that your instructor has a non-professional or professional driving license. But it is highly recommended to take driving lessons from registered driving schools because they provide lessons that are beneficial during the written and practical driving test. Yes, you have to take a written exam first, before you will be able to continue on the practical driving test.

You need to know the basic driving skills as well as the traffic rules in regulation. You don’t need to acquire expert drifting skills to pass the practical test. You just have to be on a knowledgeable level on the following criteria that is divided into three parts:

I. Learn the basics of driving

1. Pre-driving check up

In this criterion, the examiner will check if you know how to check your car before driving. These include checking of batteries and tires, checking/adjusting and cleaning of mirrors, windshield wiper and car lights.

You need to show to the examiner that you know how to properly use seatbelts or helmet, how to properly check hand and foot brake, and also how to disengage the clutch when starting the engine. All these pre-driving check-ups have a total of 10 points.

Woman performing a pre-driving check-up

Pre-driving check-up has a total of 10 points

2. Driving Skills

This part has the most number of points with a total of 50 points. The skills you need to show the examiner is the basics of vehicle driving. This includes steering, turning, backing, parking, use of brakes, engine and speed control. You should know how to maneuver the car in the smoothest way possible. Show the examiner that you are familiar and you know how to do the required driving skills.

3. Traffic rule observance

In this criterion, the examiner will test if you are aware of the traffic rules and regulations. Included in this part is the knowledge on the following: the right of way to other vehicles, right of way for pedestrians, cyclist etc., and proper use of stop lights and signal lights. You need to show the examiner that you’re not just a good driver but a responsible driver too. This part, by the way, consists of 40 points.

Different traffic signage

In this criterion, the examiner will check if you know the traffic rules and regulations

It is important that you remember these criteria because every mistake is a deduction to your score. In the practical test, you need to score at least 70 points to be considered as pass.

4. Review for the written exam

Before you can proceed to the practical test, you first need to pass the written exam. These wouldn’t be as hard as your college entrance exam. You just need to study everything you need to know about traffic and being a driver.

You won’t have a problem with the written exam if you enrolled in a driving school because all you need to know about traffic rules and driving will be taught there. However, if you learn to drive by a private instructor or a family member or relative, you can still review using the LTO exam reviewer. This reviewer is available on the LTO website.

woman taking an exam

You can review for the written exam using the LTO exam reviewer available on their website

You need to know the following categories to pass the written exam. You need to have familiarized yourself with general driving knowledge, proper parking, driving emergencies, proper handling and driving, lane markings, road signs, and road position.

For non-professional driver’s license, the exam consists of 40 items. So to pass, you need to acquire 30 points. For professional driver’s license, the exam will be 60 items, and the passing score is 45. So you need to study well because once you fail, you cannot proceed to the practical test.

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II. How to pass the driving test?

1. Study

It will be easy to pass the LTO driving test if you are fully prepared. Before taking the exam, make sure that you have sufficient information to pass the written exam. That will be easy if you study the reviewer well. The reviewer also provides traffic rules and regulations that will also be beneficial during the practical exam.

2. Practice

 Don’t forget to practice driving whenever possible. These will help you master the skills in driving. Try to drive in various situations like changing lanes, properly making U-turn, parking in different locations, and driving in narrow roads. These will help you ace the actual practical test.

man driving

Practice as often as possible. It will help you master the basics of driving.

3. Bring your car if possible

Before the driving test, you can choose whether you want to use your car, LTO car or your driving school’s car. It is recommended to use the car that you’re most comfortable and familiar with.

4. Listen carefully

Passing the LTO driving test will be easy if you listen to the guidelines carefully. Follow the instructions given to you and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

teaching driving

Listening to the guidelines will make the whole driving test easy

5. Be calm and focus

We cannot avoid panic and jitters during these times, but don’t let it consume you. Take deep breaths to calm your nerves done. Panic will make you forget even the smallest thing like wearing seatbelts. Much better if you avoid caffeinated drinks for it will just increase your heart rate. Focus on the road, relax and have a presence of mind before and during the exam.

6. Be careful

Be careful when driving. Avoid circumstances that can cause you to automatically fail your practical test. Examples are hitting other vehicles, gutter, or pedestrian. A collision or near-collision will automatically fail your practical exam.

You need to condition and prepare yourself before and during the exam. Study well, practice, be calm, focus and be careful. That is all you need to ace the exam. Be positive too. Believe in yourself and you will surely pass.

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Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez