How to keep your Car Clean Inside and Out

Jan 29, 2019

Handy tips in keeping your car clean in and out!

We often hear the phrase "You can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their bag", other versions of the famous saying use a house as a reference, instead of a bag. Regardless of whatever object or entity you use as a reference, we all know what it means - and there is some fact to it. For example, you have a tidy home with neat curtains or a well-arranged bag where all your things are categorized into your preferred order. This will tell strangers a lot about you already and they'll have the idea what kind of positive person you are with positive habits. The very same principle applies to own and caring for your car.

If you happen to be the opposite of the type of person mentioned above, then your car must be self-explanatory of your habits and your attitude. You and your regular friends might be okay with your car being messy but what about your new co-workers that might need to hitch a ride with you? Everyone has opinions but if you don't want people who rode your ride to be gossiping about their experience with others, then you better get cleaning. It won't only save or better your reputation, it would also help you inhale a fresher breath of air every time you and your four-wheeled vehicle would go for a ride with the air conditioner on.

So if you want your car to look as close to how it looked (and smelled) the day you bought it, then better start scheduling a maintenance clean-up. It may not necessarily improve the performance of your car but it can definitely contribute to the longevity of its service. If you need help and you want to know where you should start, don't worry, will teach how to clean your roaring engine buddy from the inside out.

Step 1: Take out everything that doesn't originally belong in your car

Here, we are referring to the stuff and items that didn't originally come with the car - examples are dancing hola girls on the dashboard, rosaries, and maybe Sampaguita flowers or used gel deodorizer. You might also want to include neck pillows, toys, wrappers, dirty laundry, leftover food, and even disposable coffee cups. Leave only the interior of the car as it is and nothing more. When picking and taking out all the stuff from your car, be wary if that object is to throw or to keep. You wouldn't want to take a gum wrapper out of your car only to put it back after cleaning everything.

Messy car

Leave only the interior of the car as it is and nothing more

Step 2: Time for a wash down

Use a rag or a special chamois and moisten it with the cleaning product that you trust for your car. You can use a household cleaning product or even a glass cleaning solution. Start by cleaning the areas of the console that already appeal as "clean" to you then work your way to the dirtier parts. Why? This avoids getting the grime of the "dirty" part into the part that already appeals as clean to you. This will inhibit the repetition of labor and hereby conserves effort and energy.

man washing the car

You can use a household cleaning product or even a glass cleaning solution

Step 3: Wipe the other areas

Use your moist rag to clean the gear stick, the steering wheel, the dashboard and everything else on it. Don't forget the little pockets of space in the air conditioning. After you go full cleaner on those parts, move on to the door panel. Clean up the little pockets and don't forget to rinse your rag your chamois once it gets too dirty.

cleaning the car air-condition

Don't forget the little pockets of space in the air conditioning

Step 4: Clean the other extremities

Once you are done with the main parts of the interior of your vehicle, it's now time to clean the glass parts. These are the windshields and mirrors. Get a microfiber towel instead since any dirt or debris caught in your chamois or rug may scratch your glass and mirrors. Then, dampen it with a glass cleaning solution and start wiping away. You can polish them afterward by using another clean microfiber cloth and wiping it in a circular motion. Clean the rest of the vehicle by vacuuming thoroughly under the seats and everywhere else.

Now that your car is fresh inside don't be afraid to add in your favorite air freshener. Once you're happy with what you've got then rest up for a bit because it's time to clean the exterior of your car now.

Man cleaning the glass part of the car

Once you are done with the main parts of the interior of your vehicle, it's now time to clean the glass parts

Step 1: Hose down

Use a hose and splash your whole car so that even small dust particles and other dirt can be removed already and you'd have less to clean later. Then get an ample amount of your favorite car washing solution and put it into a clean cloth for lathering. Use this and wipe it on your entire vehicle until you're happy with what you've got.

Step 2: Shine, shine, shine

Use another clean microfiber to wipe your car until its dry. You can also use polishing products to make your car's coat of paint shine the way you want.

Step 3: Let the wheels not be last

Hose down your wheels and get them ready for some scrubbing. Before you apply any cleaning products, remove any dirt by brushing it thoroughly so there won't be any grime and debris between the soap and your tires. Once that's done, get your rag then apply some cleaning soap and start scrubbing. Apply some tire polish once dry.

Now that you're done, you can now sit there and admire how your car is so much better this way; don't you think it's so much appealing in an organized and clean state? The best way to keep your car clean is developing this as a habitat the frequency of once or twice in two weeks. It's also good to keep a garbage can inside the car so you won't have to stack on trash everywhere. Now that you're all set up, your friends and family will be more comfortable hitching a ride with you.

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Source: Hanna Miel Sachez