8 best ways to protect your car in hot weather

Aug 17, 2018

Keep reading and know how to protect your beloved car from hot weather!

The UV light is very harmful to humans and our cars. In particular, car owners need to be prepared to provide the best protection for their cars in hot weather like in the Philippines. Here are the best ways to protect your car in hot weather. 

1. Use windshield sun shade

Excessive sunlight exposure will damage your dashboard and steering wheel. Therefore, in order to protect the interior of your car, you should use a windshield sun shade to reduce the ultraviolet radiation. Also, you can prepare one for the rear windshield of your car.

2. Consider tinted window

Tinting your windows may be considered as an option when you must regularly park your car in the sun. The front windshield and two front side windows should allow 70% of the light to pass through your car while the rear windshield and two rear passenger windows only require 25%.

3. Park in the shade

You should park your car in an indoor carpark or shady area whenever possible. This is the best way to protect the car's paintwork and also reduce the heat damage to the interior of your car.

A car parked in the shade

You should park your car in an indoor carpark or shady area whenever possible

4. Do a monthly check on the tire pressure

When your car is running constantly in hot weather, its tire pressure tends to be higher due to the increasing temperature. And when the inflated tires come into contact with the hot road surface, the added friction combined with high speed will cause those tires to blowout easily. That is why you should regularly check your car tire pressure at least once a month to make sure the tires are working properly.

5. Clean the car interior periodically

Dust combined with high temperatures might cause discoloration and damage to the interior of your car. Therefore, you should conduct regular cleaning to prevent the car from potential damages. You should keep in mind to use cleaning products that are intended for automobile use, or you might use coffee filter or olive oil in a proper way.

cleaning car interior

You should conduct regular cleaning to prevent the car from potential damages

6. Use paint protection film

To protect the exterior of your car from sun damage, you can invest in a paint protection film kit that does not interfere with the beauty of your car. Car experts say that this invisible shield can also protect your car from cracks, sand dust and scratches.

7. Wax the car

According to car maintenance and care experts, using a protective wax at least twice per year to make the natural oils more adherent to the car’s paintwork. Waxing also provides an extra protective layer to the exterior of your car from the sunlight.     

8. Check the coolant regularly

The coolant in your car get used up faster in hot weather conditions. Therefore, this increases the risks of damage to cars. If the fluid levels are low, you should add more fluids. Especially, do note that you should not open the cap when the car is still running hot!

pouring car coolant

You should check the coolant regularly


- You should always keep the car clean. A clean and shiny car will react to the sun while a dirty one will absorb more heat.

- The tire pressure can change dramatically after several days of constant hot weather. The hot weather will increase the tire pressure; therefore, you should check it when the weather is cooler. Your car owner’s manual will help you properly know more about the tire pressure


Never leave your children or pets in your car in the carpark. When the windows are tightly closed, the interior temperature will increase rapidly, causing damage to people that stay inside the car for a long time. If you want to park your car for a short time, open windows and park under a shady tree.