3 steps for backup camera installation in your car

Jul 20, 2018

Follow these steps to install a reversing camera for your car.

The backup camera (or reverse camera) is a rear-view observation device that records the image at the rear and transmits it directly to the display for greater safety while driving as it alleviates the rear blind spot which is not visible on the rearview mirror.

Follow us and look at this step-by-step guide to backup camera installation.

1. Essential items for backup camera installation

1.1. Backup camera

There are usually two wires, one red-black power cable and one signal cable with yellow-black AV connector and red wire to connect to the monitor.

1.2. Reverse lights

Their function is to light up when a car is reversed. They usually have two wires (positive and positive) running on 12V current. These wires provide the power source for the backup camera system.

1.3. Display

Usually built-in with car DVD player or removable monitor. Whichever it is, there would be one camera port available (usually yellow-black) along with a cable printed Camera Back or Back Control.

items necessary to install a reverse camera

These are items necessary to install a backup camera

2. Step-by-step guide to backup camera installation

Step 1: Start

You need to locate the camera that best fits your car. Possibly, install the camera to the taillight bulb or the license plate. Then locate the wires to use for the camera:

  • The black wire is the neutral wire of the camera
  • The red wire is the live wire of the camera, and it is attached to the 12V voltage
  • The gold connector is for AV signal. This plug will come with a red wire that has a pre-connected head with the camera's anode.

Step 2: Locate the reverse light wires and power the camera

Just switch on the engine and shift into reverse gear, which bulbs light up is the reverse lights you are looking for. Reverse lights run on the same 12V and include 01 neutral wire and 01 live wire.

Then you need to open the reverse lights on the car and fuse correctly the two camera power wires with the reverse light wires into the 12V power supply.

reverse camera

Just switch on the engine and shift into reverse gear, which bulbs light up is the reverse lights you are looking for

Step 3: Video signal and reverse signal wires

  • Video signal wiring: After the power cord is firmly attached, take the remaining AV plugs and plug in the appropriate port on the car display. The first thing is to check the display device. There would be a port named CAM IN on the back of the screen. Just need to plug the AV signal on the camera into the port.
  • Reverse signal wiring: According to experienced experts on cars, on the display screen and DVD players, there are usually instructions and symbols to help you easily locate the Reverse signal cord (Often, it is an extra cable and has the text "Camera Back" or "Back Control". Just connect the red wire on the signal wire to this cable and everything is finished.

Watch this video for comprehensive instructions on backup camera installation.

How to install a backup camera in your car