When to Give Up On Your Car?

Jan 22, 2019

Read to know factors to consider when deciding to give up on your car

When you first had that car, it must have given you the thrill of your life. A good set of dependable wheels will stick with you in every possible road you yearn to travel. However, there will come a time when you will want (or in most cases, need) to give up on your ride because of some issues. Maybe you need instant cash and have decided to sell your car or maybe your vehicle has been causing you anxieties for the past few drives.

Giving up on your car is a natural turn of events that happen to the best of us. If in case you’re having trouble making a decision about when you should give up on your car, then read our suggested reasons below to enlighten you from Philcarnews.com.

1. Reliability is Failing

One of the bases of deciding that you've had enough of your current ride is its reliability. If it can’t satisfy as much as it did during its glory days then that’s fine, as long as it still delivers the results of what it’s supposed to accomplish; to get you (or your passengers) from Point A to Point B. You may have experienced the old tire trouble or maybe something has gone wrong in the engine before, but surely you had that fixed already, right?

The reliability of the vehicle, (no matter the model, the make or the price) depends solely on how well you take care of it – or let’s simply say it’s as reliable to you as you are to it when it comes to repairs and maintenance. However, there are cases where no matter how much you try to save your vehicle from being totally undependable, you just can’t help it anymore. There may be already a permanent and irreversible defect in it that you can’t really do much about.

Car on standby

The reliability of the vehicle depends solely on how well you take care of it

2. Repair Costs Become a Monthly Fee

You got a nifty car that you love and you don’t really mind if it’s not as fast as the others, that’s a contented man’s attitude right there. Though there is nothing wrong with wishing you had better than what you have now when you’re referring to wheels, some people are contented and do their best to maintain what they have. It may be because the vehicle is a legacy of some kind or it can also be because it’s a hard-earned car.

This is actually a great attitude to have, but so is prudence. If you are still caring for your vehicle that breaks down once a month or more, then why don’t you just start getting yourself used to commute via public transportation? Since you’ve been allotting budget for your weary four-wheeled friend; then why don’t you just use the money to commute rather than tolerate your car whenever it breaks down on you, right?

Or better yet, if your car maintenance expenses are that high, start saving for a new car instead! It’s normal for any vehicle to cause disappointments from time to time, what’s not normal is the need to allow a budget for car maintenance that’s bigger than your food expenses.

Car under maintenance

If your car maintenance expenses are too high, start saving for a new car instead

3. Unsafe and Unsound

Looking at your vehicle now, how different was it from when you first saw it? Maybe not so much or maybe you can barely recognize it from the first selfie you took with it. Whichever your car may be from the two that we’ve mentioned, it is important that you know how to gauge if your car can still take it. A simple example is this one; peeled off paint, a dent or maybe two or three is fine, but occasional leaking, rust, and unidentified noises are definitely a high-level warning signal.

If you happen to notice these signs, or anything strange or similar to your old friend, Wheelie, then take him immediately to a mechanic. If you've been repeatedly taking him there and he refuses to get better, then maybe it’s time to say bye-bye.

man besides a car

It is important that you know how to gauge if your car can still take it

Requires More TLC Than Your Loved Ones

Some people treat their cars like their pets and sometimes, like a person that they have to take care of. We can’t lie, we all know a car enthusiast who names their car or at least has referred to it as their “baby”. This type of constant attention that car owners give are often present in cases where the car is new, expensive or maybe one of a kind. Funny and comic it may seem, that won’t be the case anymore if you’re in the same position; except your car is older and let’s say “ordinary” and requires that you pay more attention to it – even if you don’t want to.

By “attention” we mean maintenance and constant check-ups to make sure that after every visit to the mechanic, the defect has indeed been resolved. However, if after several maintenance procedures and there’s no improvement or whatsoever, it’s best to take advice from your car’s mechanic. If he says your wheelie is still salvageable and you do want to save it, then go for what it takes. If the situation goes otherwise, simply ready your options of where your car will go after you bid goodbye.

Mechanic checking on a car

If after several maintenance procedures and there’s no improvement or whatsoever, it’s best to take advice from your car’s mechanic

You Fell Out of Love

If you’re reading this right now while considering the very car that you bought yourself, then you may be having a hard time of thinking what to do with it. After all, that car did catch your eye as you were shopping for your ideal ride. One can say that you fell in love with that choice of vehicle that’s why you bought it. If that’s no longer the case, then it’s either you’ve grown your budget to buy a new one or you simply don’t find it fit for your current and imminent necessities.

There could or there could be nothing wrong with your current car but simply just don’t feel the vibe of driving it anymore. If you no longer wish to drive your old set of wheels, maybe it is time for a new one.

Two old cars

If you no longer wish to drive your old set of wheels, maybe it is time for a new one

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Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez