Suzuki Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio: Which MPV To Drive Home?

Nov 16, 2020

Are you considering which MPV model to buy between Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio? Click on and let the battle of Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio begin!

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Introduction

Multi-purpose vehicles have been a dynamic trend in the Philippines for many years since they are perfect for family-oriented activities thanks to the spacious spaces they provide. Currently, in the market, two of the most popular MPVs in the Philippines are the Suzuki Ertiga and the Honda Mobilio. 

honda mobilio vs suzuki ertiga

Both car models are super affordable and can fit up to 7 passengers. 

With the prices and the numerous comforting features, they are remarkably appealing to Flippono drivers, particularly for those who have a moderately large family. 

So which is a better option for you and your family: the Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda is here to help you out with the following article right now!

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Exterior & Dimensions

On the one hand, the Suzuki Ertiga has exquisite and sleek curves and the perfect chrome measure. It also features a standard outline of an MPV. On the other hand, the Honda Mobilio is exclusively designed with a sporty and modern outlook. The model's exterior appearance includes many sharp angles and an angrier from the belt. 

suzuki xl7 vs suzuki ertiga

The Suzuki Ertiga's exterior design.

suzuki xl 7 vs ertiga

The Honda-made MPV is much more sustainable than the Ertiga.

Let’s see the detailed specs of the Ertiga and the Honda Mobilio in terms of size:

Honda Mobilio Vs Suzuki Ertiga: Dimensions


Suzuki Ertiga

Honda Mobilio

Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Height (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



Ground Clearance (mm)



Kerb Weight (kg)



As you can see, the Ertiga is wider and notably taller, whereas the Mobilio is longer and has more ground freedom.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Interior

Both the Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio have 7 comfortable seats individually. Regarding the default load space (all seats being used), the Honda-made MPV has more than 223 liters, while Suzuki's model just contains 153 liters. 

In terms of driving comforts, the special functions of these MVPs are the equipped-advanced tachometer and a speedometer. If you are looking for a rear window defogger offerer, the better choice would be the Honda Mobilio. However, many car lovers have considered the Ertiga's D-molded controlling wheel to be superior to the Mobilio's. 

For traveler luxuries, the two models have sliding second line seats, texture secured seats, large cubby holes and cup holders, four sound speakers, and cabin vault lights for the front and back lodges. 

Specifically, the Ertiga GLX/GL variants come with two 12-volt sockets, while the Mobilio has only one. Moreover, the Ertiga lineup got an updated variant that accompanies the middle armrest for the second column.

 honda mobilio vs suzuki ertiga philippines

The A/C system of the Honda Mobilio is an advanced AC with back vents and manual control.

Regarding touchscreen infotainment systems, the unit onboard the Ertiga GLX is a ten-inch, bigger than the 2020 Honda Mobilio's seven-inch unit.

Even though both cars are fit for the offline route with AUX/Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB network, the one onboard the Honda-made-MPV exclusively has the HDMI which will play audio and video through the car stereo from any device.

suzuki ertiga vs honda mobilio philippines

More and more users are attracted to the new Ertiga's automatic AC.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Engine & Performance

honda mobilio vs suzuki ertiga 2020

The 1.5L engine under the hood of the Suzuki Ertiga in the Philippines.

The Ertiga comes with the K15B engine, which can power up to 103 hp, and 138 Nm of torque. In comparison, the Mobilio is equipped with an inline-4 SOHC with an I-VTEC engine that can pull off 117 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque.

Whereas the displacements of both models are the same, the Ertiga transmission is a typical four-speed automatic. The Mobilio, on the other hand, uses the CVT for fuel-efficiency. 

suzuki ertiga vs honda mobilio philippines

The Honda Mobilio gets advantages of its advanced engine and smooth performance.

Generally, the Mobilio is more embracing and powerful compared to the Ertiga in terms of engine and performance, but we should not overlook the K15B's dependable stellar track record.

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Engine Detailed Specs


Suzuki Ertiga GLX

Honda Mobilio RS Navi


1.5 liter K15B

1.5 Liter L15Z1


1,462 CC

1,497 cc

Transmission Type

4-speed automatic


Max Output

103 horsepower

117 horsepower

Max Torque

138 Nm

145 Nm

Fuel Capacity

45 Liters

42 Liters

Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio: Safety

When it comes to safety features, the Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Philippines shares almost all the same functions such as anti-lock braking with electronic brakeforce distribution, ISOFIX, a security alarm, passenger airbags, and rear parking sensors. 

On top of the driver’s assist, drivers can get a keyless entry framework for the best-variant-in-the-line-trim Mobilio. The Honda Mobilio has more safety offers such as vehicle stability help, a speed detecting auto entryway lock and an auto door open. 

Suzuki Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio Philippines: Variants & Prices

Let’s take a look at the most updated price list of both models in the Philippines:

Suzuki Ertiga: Variants & Prices

Suzuki Ertiga Variant


Ertiga GA - MT (Black Edition)

PHP 738,000

Ertiga GL - MT (Black Edition)

PHP 858,000

Ertiga GL - AT (Black Edition)

PHP 898,000

Ertiga GLX - AT (Black Edition)

PHP 988,000

Ertiga 1.5 GA - MT (Upgrade)

PHP 743,000

Ertiga 1.5 GL - MT (Upgrade)

PHP 863,000

Ertiga 1.5 GL - AT (Upgrade)

PHP 903,000

Ertiga 1.5 GLX - AT (Upgrade)

PHP 993,000


Honda Mobilio: Variants & Prices

Honda Mobilio Variant


Honda Mobilio Price 1.5 E MT

PHP 895,000

Honda Mobilio Price 1.5 V CVT  

PHP 968,000

Honda Mobilio Price 1.5 RS Navi CVT  

PHP 1,085,000

Honda Mobilio Vs Suzuki Ertiga: Conclusion

MPVs car has always played a vital role in the Philippines, just as they are specially produced for big families to  Ertiga and Mobilio are different in many aspects.

If you need to purchase an affordable and sleeker car, you may prefer the Ertiga. However, if you want to own an expensive and sporty vehicle, you should go with the Mobilio. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is. 

With the comparison between the Honda Mobilio vs Suzuki Ertiga, we do hope that you can make up your mind to get one car model that suits you the best. Good luck with your purchase and see you in our next posts!

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