How You Should Shop for the Best Car that Fits Your Needs

Dec 13, 2018

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Many people find shopping fun. In fact, it’s a favorite pastime for everyone. Just like buying cars, it has the same feeling. You want to make the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life. Hence, choose cars that provide convenience and reliability when transporting. This article will give you information on how to shop for the best deals.

the best car deal makes one happy car owner

When you have exerted all effort to get the best deal when buying your car, you will feel more accomplished

I. Three tips on what to consider when buying a car from car dealers

1. Choose a vehicle that has lasted five years and below

It will ensure you’re buying a vehicle that still has great features at an affordable price. Here you can get better financing options. Many banks and loan providers can offer you a loan to buy this car. Note that interest rates on loans tend to increase if the vehicle ages. If you’re opting for a used vehicle, ensure that it has only been used less than three years. They can also be offered with warranties as a bonus.

choices of pre-owned cars

Choosing a car that's about 5 years old is a great balance between getting a car of good price and quality

2. To obtain a reliable car to buy, check out reputable car dealers

Whenever something happens to the car, the dealers are legally responsible in so many ways than what private sellers can do. Private sellers are curbsiders which buy and resell vehicles frequently for a low price. They don't even have a license to operate and are not regulated by authorized agencies.

a reputable dealer

Do not be fooled by stereotypes of dealers. If you go to the reputable ones then you'll have peace of mind

3. Ask the dealer where they purchased the vehicle

If it was traded in by another customer, you could ask to check the vehicle appraisal. The appraisal will provide detailed information about the previous owner and how he cared for this vehicle. If the vehicle was taken from an auction, you need to know who the seller was. It's also okay if the vehicle has higher mileage provided the previous owner has handled the vehicle well. The car dealer can do mechanical inspections of the vehicle before it is sold to someone else.

a salesman showcasing a car to a potential buyer

Prepare a list of questions for the salesperson

II. Getting the Best Deal

Every salesperson or seller just loves to recommend a beautiful car. They can write good reviews about their dealership. Note that buying a brand-new or used car can create an unpleasant experience. You’re unsure if you’re obtaining the best deal. To have a clearer picture of the process, here are another set of ways to get the best deals. These will save you a lot from the purchase.

1. Determine a Monthly Payment Ceiling

You can easily get attracted to the offer even if you only see them from TV or magazine commercials. However, this is just the start of the deal. Once you’re at the dealership, you’ll be offered all types of add-ons, from dealer-installed accessories to extended warranties. If you are unaware of their deals, you won’t realize that your monthly payment has soared incredibly.

So, to know how to get the best deals, keep in mind a figure and how you can pay it monthly. You can always tell the salesperson you’re not signing up for anything that has the monthly payment above your expected amount. In this way, you are getting the best deal when buying a car.

buying cars

Avoid struggling to make ends meet every month just because you need to pay for your car

2. Read an Expert Car Review

If you want to know what vehicle suits you best, you need to check the brand that you want and know its features. You can get information about your chosen car when you read good reviews from those owning one and have tried it. There are lots of reviews you can get from the Internet.

For instance, if multiple engines are offered, you can have an idea about trim levels and if whether an upgraded version will best fit the price. If you prefer a navigation system as you want to travel far, you must know some models that feature it, and if it’s the right way to own it.

If you’re at the dealership, you’ll be attracted to certain packages and enhancements that you have never heard of, only to realize that the original model could just have been fine. That’s why reading reviews can give you good information before making negotiations. Check out the series of car reviews by about the Philippines' hottest cars.

read car reviews

Be a smart buyer and do some research before diving into the market

3. Be Aware of the Model Cycle

You don’t need the latest or the greatest models the dealership can offer. If you check some with car dealers, they have old models which they haven’t sold and are offered at a lower price. It’s now the right time to buy the model as they are brand-new and offered at a reasonable price.

If you also look at other dealerships, you can compare prices and see which ones have the best offer. This will naturally save you thousands of pesos in your investment.

two cars of the same brand but different models

A simple "facelift" in cars can cost you thousands of pesos if you don't have knowledge of car model cycles

4. Selling Your Old Car Rather than Trading it In

If you’re a busy person and want to trade your car, you can have it offered through online classified ads and receive queries from interested buyers. There are so many people interested in trading their old vehicles, especially when they have upgraded it.

However, choosing from trade-ins may not really save you time and money. So, if you plan to sell your car yourself, just search for buyers and have it posted in reputed classified ads that sell fast. Take pictures of your car and post it there. If you sell your own car, you obtain a price that is correct and has no one to share commissions.

set your car for sale and do it on your own

No tax, no commission fee. Selling your car yourself will let you bag more money than trading it in with a car dealer

5. Try to Haggle with the Deal

Not many people are interested in haggling over the price of a vehicle they want to buy. However, it can be beneficial if they can get a price that they can really afford. You don’t actually hurt the salesperson if you give him a better figure. If you don’t agree with the price, you can always walk out.

Just know about the facts of your chosen vehicle and ask the salesman to confirm the information you already know. If they realize you know so much about the car, they can give you a fair amount that’s both acceptable to both parties. And definitely, you will obtain a great deal when buying your next car.

negotiating price with salesperson

Haggling might be stressful but if you are in your right wit then you'll come out just fine

Getting the best deal when buying a car may require a lot of critical thinking. The good thing is if you have been reading's tips on buying and selling of cars then doing this will be easy.

Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez