Toyota Camry 2019: All-Suited Up

Dec 27, 2018

The Toyota Camry now carries the TRD Sportivo design.

We wouldn't call the previous Toyota Camry's model boring but we wouldn't refer to it as hot either. The previous model may have addressed the tastes of more mature men than younger adventurers. Well, that won't be the case any longer. Thanks to Toyota's innovative techniques, the Toyota Camry 2019 now carries the TRD Sportivo design.

The previous mature look and appeal seemed like it was most suited for serious people -- like executives, managers etc. Now that the design is tweaked, it is now sportier, bolder, more dynamic and more fun and adventurous in appeal.

Toyota Camry 2019 angular front

The new Toyota Camry is now sportier, bolder, more dynamic and more fun and adventurous in appeal

The refurbishments listed here are what makes the new sporty Toyota Camry 2019's look possible:

  • The grill at the front is a new design and is now shiny with black detailing.
  • There is also an additional piece at the bottom of the front bumper that makes the car look like it has a chin. This part tends to extend in an outward direction away from the body kit.
  • There is also a pair of side skirts that flank each side of the car with a single black stripe that details the glossy body.
  • While spoilers are often depicted as high and thin, the spoilers on the 2019 Camry are rather unique. The spoiler is a part of the trunk. It is long and also extends outwards away from the body kit, matching design with the chin-like detail front bumper.
  • The rear bumper kit is extravagant in size and requires quite an ample amount of space.
  • The exhaust is kept to a minimum; both in size and in design. This is to make way for the large rear bumper.
  • The tires are in a minimalist design in contrast to the rest of the vehicle.

Gone are the days when this model would fit mature audiences only. These new features will definitely open the possibilities for younger audiences to take notice.

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Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez