Top Mini-Cooper Model in Philippines

Dec 18, 2022

Mini Cooper cars now dominate the global car market after more than a half-century of existence and development. Let's dig deeper into the top Mini-cooper model in Philippines and Mini Cooper for sale in the Philippines!

Mini Cooper cars now dominate the global car market after more than a half-century of existence and development. Mini Cooper is a luxury car brand that is popular in the Philippines due to its unique design and high performance.

So, what are the reasons why Filipino customers are increasingly preferring this vehicle? Let's dig deeper into the top Mini-cooper model  in Philippines and Mini Cooper for sale in the Philippines!

Mini Cooper Philippines Introduction

Mini Cooper is currently owned by the well-known global luxury car manufacturer BMW. Since 2001, Mini Cooper has sold over 1.5 million vehicles and is now available in over 80 countries worldwide, including the Philippines.


Mini Cooper Introduction

What is it about the Mini Cooper that makes it one of the most popular luxury vehicles in the world? The most noticeable feature of the above car line is the design, which combines classic and modern elements to create a very luxurious and charming appearance. Aside from its elegant appearance, the Mini Cooper provides the driver with the ultimate driving experience thanks to the Sport mode, which is standard on all models. The Mini Cooper's small size but exceptional acceleration will astound you.

In the Philippines, popular Mini Cooper models include the 3-door Mini Cooper S, 5-door Mini Cooper S, Mini One 2021, and Mini Countryman.
Top Mini-cooper models in Philippines
Mini Cooper models are also popular among women in the Philippines. It is easy to travel in congested urban areas not only because of its eye-catching appearance, but also because of its small size. 

Mini Cooper 3 door

Mini Cooper S 3-door is a multi-purpose SUV model with bold Mini Cooper features. The car is available in nine different paint colors: white, red, black, gray, silver, Metallic silver, Thunder gray, moss green, Metallic blue, and blue. Here are the Mini Cooper 3 door price Philippines:




Mini Cooper 3-Door 1.5 AT


Mini Cooper 3-Door S 2.0 AT


Mini Cooper 3-Door John Cooper Works 2.0 AT




Mini Cooper S 3-door car with unique appearance as a highlight

In reality, the three-door Mini Cooper S has limited applicability and is difficult to compare to other SUVs on the market. This Mini Cooper model's most notable feature is its sleek and classic appearance. A similar car, the 5-door Mini Cooper S, makes an impression with its eye-catching design.
Mini Cooper 5-Door 
The 5-door Mini Cooper S, like the 3-door car, belongs to the SUV segment, with its small size and smart design. The manufacturer has released three variants: Classic, Signature, and Iconic. Here are the Mini Cooper PH Price for 5-door version:



Mini Cooper 5-Door 1.5 AT


Mini Cooper 5-Door S 1.5 AT




The exterior is designed in a classic style

The engine and safety system of the car have been more carefully invested in this version. Although not on par with Audi or Mercedes, the 5-door Mini Cooper S is undeniably more user-friendly.

Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Countryman is the most noticeable Mini Cooper  model. The Mini Cooper 2021 Countryman is still a luxury SUV, but the price is mid-range, with 9 traditional Mini Cooper paint colors. Please find the latest price of this model: 



Mini Countryman Cooper S Pure 2.0 AT


Mini Countryman Cooper D 2.0 AT


Mini Countryman Cooper SD 2.0 AT


Mini Countryman Cooper S Sport 2.0 AT


Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 2.0 AT


Mini Countryman John Cooper Works 2.0 AT



Mini Cooper Countryman is suitable for long trips

The model has a larger body than previous versions. The car feels light and luxurious from the front to the back. The exterior details of the car retain a familiar classic direction. The cabin is spacious but not bulky, making it ideal for families or long-distance travel. True to the nature of a luxury car company, the engine and safety system are equipped to high standards, ensuring the ultimate driving experience.

Learn about Mini Cooper cars through pros and cons

Mini Cooper Pros

Exciting driving sensation

In addition to its stylish appearance, the MINI provides the driver with an exciting driving experience thanks to the sport mode. MINI's fast acceleration will astound you despite its diminutive size. Furthermore, the steering wheel is very smooth and comfortable, and the small chassis allows us to wiggle and park the car wherever we want.

Powerful Engine

Can you believe it, a car as small as the MINI but capable of producing up to 170 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds? MINI is, without a doubt, a monster in a small package.

High personalization

On the MINI homepage, we can personalize the car by ordering and selecting details such as car color, real interior, wheels, etc. 

Classic luxury interior mixed with modern, many features

MINI's interior is designed specifically for the bold BMW luxury car. MINI also makes use of BMW's iDrive entertainment system.

Practical design

Small and easy to maneuver, with a functional interior that includes foldable seats to increase luggage compartment space. When starting, you can even raise or lower the chassis.

Fuel saving

Mini Cooper with fuel economy criteria from birth, you will be amazed at this MINI's fuel economy.

Mini Cooper Cons

Nobody is perfect, and Mini Cooper is no exception. The disadvantages that can be mentioned here are that it is quite noisy when running at high speeds, that the interior space is relatively small, that dealers and maintenance facilities are difficult to find, and that the price is prohibitively expensive for the majority of Filipino users.


You have now answered the question of the top Mini-cooper model  in Philippines! The MINI Cooper is undeniably appealing, but at the price of a luxury car, very few customers in the Philippines can afford it. Hopefully, you found the article useful! Contact us if you need anything.