Drako GTE Super Sedan - A purely electric four-seater vehicle

Apr 12, 2020

It was back in June 2019 when Drako Motors first released their first production car. They promise a purely electric four-seater vehicle with supercar performance.

Looking at the company’s history, Drako Motors is fairly new to the automobile production industry. It was founded by Dean Drako in the year 2013 along with another named Shiv Sikand. It was August of 2015 when the company announced its DriveOS.

In 2015, the company worked with the popular Metropolia University in building a four-motor, electric race car with the DriveOS. In the year 2019, they announced their all-electric Drako GTE Super Sedan. This may have been the product of the testing done when the company partnered with Metropolia University.

The company also announced that they’d only be making a limited number of the GTE Super Sedan in 2020. According to statements, there will only be 25 units of this EV. But that’s not news yet, aside from that, each of these units is going to cost $ 1.250,000.00.

The Drako GTE Super Sedan Overview

It was back in June 2019 when Drako Motors first released their first production car. They promise a purely electric four-seater vehicle with supercar performance. They also made early claims that the vehicle can roar up to 1200 horsepower. Even though it’s been only four years since they worked with Metropolia University, Drako said the GTE is a product of a decade’s research.

Drako GTE EV

Drako said the GTE is a product of a decade’s research.

The Drako GTE Super Sedan Performance

All the Drako units will use the company’s very own Drive OS software. The vehicle uses four permanent-magnet motors that work synchronously. These are paired with their very dedicated direct drive gearboxes. One of which is present at each wheel. Thanks to the torque-vectoring tech that was developed at Nurburgring, the vehicle can adjust the torque that’s applied to each of the wheels independently.

The system can do this over 500 times in a split second. Even though it’s all-electric, this road racer has the capacity to curl up 8,800 Nm. That, partnered with the 1,200 horsepower makes a snappy people carrier indeed. The top speed for the GTE Super Sedan is at 331.5 kilometers per hour.

Drako GTE EV

Even though it’s all-electric, this road racer has the capacity to curl up 8,800 Nm.

This is made possible by the company’s high-output lithium-ion car battery. It has a massive cooling architecture that enables high output driving even at a continuous rate. It requires AC charging from a 15kW using the onboard charger. For DC Fast Charging, it requires 150 kW. As per charging protocols, the Drako GTE is compatible with the current that is widely available in EV charging stations. Its battery energy is at 90 kWh while the battery voltage is at 450 V. The battery amperage is confirmed to be at 2200 A peak / 1800 A continuous.

All About the Drako GTE’s Torque Vectoring

The GTE comes with a torque differential of 4,400Nm between the wheels. This means that the quad motor powertrain is able to vector positive torque up to 2,000 Nm to the wheels outside when maneuvering corners. This is all made possible while it also applies up to 2,200Nm negative torque to the inside wheels when making that turn. The outcome of the GTE’s massive torque differential potential lies in its ability to turn in every corner with a steady speed, precision, and traction.

The Drako GTE also has the driver-oriented Quattro Manettino. This is made up of four switches that are mounted to dial in every single aspect of one’s driving experience. Here, you’ll have full control of the torque vectoring, front and rear power distribution, slip control, powertrain characteristics and fine-grained regenerative braking.

Drako GTE Battery

The company’s high-output lithium-ion car battery has a massive cooling architecture

The Quatro Manettino even provides the user with the ability to choose from one of the six road surface conditions. But two of these will most likely not be available in the Philippines. They are namely TRACK, RACE, ICE, RAIN SNOW and DRY. This better optimizes GTE’s performance for the best driving experience every time.

The Drako GTE Design

The GTE’s elegant design, according to the company, is a visual interpretation of the emotions that the driver will experience from using it.  The design combines the sensual features of real GT cars with the typical muscular four-seater body. This is expressed entirely in the fluid lines and sophisticated surfaces of the exterior design.

As for the GTE’s front fascia, it’s dominated by a total of three intakes surrounded by continuous and full surfaces that allow the human eye to caress the vehicle smoothly. The various elements connect through the playful lines and sim lights to outline the aggressive features of the vehicle.

Drako GTE EV

It’s powerful and agile features plant it sternly on the ground.

Since the GTE is a performance car, after all, aerodynamics still played a big part in its design. This is very obvious in the vehicle’s rear end where the fluid curves and exemplary “Coda Tronca” design are visible. But it’s not those features that make this family vehicle a true aerodynamic machine. There is a prominent diffuser at the rear of the GTE and a low splitter located at the front reveals the GTE’s genuine sports car DNA.

The Drako GTE Super Sedan’s Make and Body

The body of this highway beast is made with aluminum stampings and hand-formed panels and carbon fiber panels. The chassis is made from an aluminum space frame using castings, extrusions, and stampings. The brakes, on the other hand, are Brembo Carbon Ceramic. At the front, there are six-piston calipers. It measures 395mm x 36mm carbon ceramic rotor. At the rear, there are four-piston calipers with a measurement of 395mm x 32mm carbon ceramic motor.

The wheels of the GTE are also paid attention to. 21-inch monoblock-forged one-piece wheels are used for the optimal driving experience. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport tires with measurements of 295/ 30/ 31 at the front and 315/ 30/ 21 at the rear.

Drako GTE EV

The Drako GTE Super Sedan’s Interior

We already know that this sedan is not like the regular ones we see every day. This is a premium vehicle with grand touring and supercar-like performance. The GTE can luxuriously accommodate up to four full-grown adults. There would even be enough space for the occupant’s luggage. Both the rear and front seats are designed with Alcantara and hand-stitched leather.

Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez