Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: A Perfect Mid-size Sedan For Filipinos

Jan 19, 2021

Are you looking for a mid-size sedan with a simple design and some touches of creativity? The Honda Accord 2019 Philippines might just be the one for you.

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Introduction

Over four decades of renovation and development, the Honda Accord series has quickly gained lots of love and trust from Philippine car users of different ages.

Honda’s fans hope that the tenth generation of this series will continue to meet expectations, even further. Honda first introduced the Accord series to the international car market in 1976. At that time, the four-door sedan quickly dominated the global car market with its reliability and eye-catching design.

The 10th generation of the series makes its debut in 2019 and is available in four elegant colors: White Orchid Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and Crystal Black Pearl.

Overall, the design of the Honda Accord 2019 Philippines is unique and revolutionary with a spacious interior and full-equipped technology features.

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Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Exterior

Being inherited many eye-catching exterior features from previous generations, the 2019 Honda Accord stands out in its own way even when standing next to powerful competitors in the segment. 

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines

The sedan's exterior adds to the robustness when the manufacturer redesigned the grille and revamped the front bumper.

Besides, the front-facing LED headlights are adjusted with more edges to add a sharper and bolder vibe. Honda also wanted to give the car a sense of adventure spirit by revising the daytime lights.

The body’s side stands out with the smart design of 18-inch alloy wheels. Honda emphasizes the boldness and sportiness of the 2019 Accord with the innovative 235/45 R18 rubber-coated reels,  bold C-shaped taillights, and two long-running lines on the body.

honda accord 2019 philippines back look

The back of the Accord 2019 Philippines is more extended than the old versions.

It reaches 4,894 mm in length, 1,862 mm in width, and 2,830 mm in wheelbase. Compared to the previous generation models, the 2019 Accord is 41 mm shorter, 12 mm wider, 15 mm lower, and has a 55mm longer wheelbase.

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Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Interior

Thanks to the larger overall cabin size compared to the previous versions, the 10th generation Accord’s internal space is more comfortable for passengers with 48 mm longer legroom. 

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines interior

The cargo capacity has also increased significantly and is 123 liters larger than the 9th generation model, reaching 573 liters.

The midsize sedan continues to impress drivers with the bold and sophisticated interior design, the modernity with the luxury of soft, high-quality materials that can comfort any passenger on long journeys. 

Furthermore, the chiseled decorative details and high-tech features’ user-friendly layout also make the Accord's interior more outstanding.

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Engine & Performance

Under the capo of the 2019 Accord are two engine options. With the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the engine's capacity reaches 190 Hp and 243 Nm of torque. The aspirated 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine of the hybrid version can produce up to 215 Hp.

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines engine

Both the turbo and hybrid versions use the same transmission option as a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The CVT gearbox works quietly with less noise. The noises that Accord’s owners often hear is mostly just tire noise when driving at high speeds.

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Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Features and Safety

The Japanese car brand confidently affirmed that the Accord’s latest generation is offered an advanced definition of midsize sedans. Hence, the company provides the most innovative and advanced entertainment technologies and safety systems for the mid-size sedan Accord 2019.

Undoubtedly, high-tech can bring a superior modern look to the Accord 2019. The most prominent feature of its infotainment system is the 8-inch touchscreen display with multiple intelligent information (i-MID), the connectivity of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, 3-spoke steering wheel with the gear switch, and an 8-speaker sound system.

Additionally, all 10th generation variants feature active noise cancellation - ANC technology that can enhance quietness and comfort during every ride.

In terms of safety, Honda Philippines equipped the 2019 Honda Accord with many modern safety features such as six ambient airbags, HSA support for cross-slope departure, ESC electronic stability control, ESS emergency stop signal, etc.

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines safety features

Its safety system comes with the leading technology in passive safety Honda Sensing. 

Simultaneously, to improve parking accuracy, the 2019 Accord has a Honda LaneWatch blind-spot camera, reversing camera, and front/rear parking sensors. Besides, a new Direct Steering Assist system is also added to prevent minor bumps.

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Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Variants and Prices

The 2019 Honda Accord was officially on sale in the Philippines in nearly 40 dealerships around the country with a starting price of PHP 1,938 million. 

Three carefully chosen colors are available to reflect the polished and luxurious quality of the Honda Accord: Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and Platinum White Pearl.

Honda Accord 2019 Variant


Honda Accord 2.4 S Navi

1,938,000 PHP

Honda Accord 3.5 SV Navi

2,317,000 PHP

Honda Accord 2019 Philippines: Conclusion

In the D-segment sedan, the Honda Accord 2019 Philippines is an outstanding model with a uniquely robust design and the most advanced technology. 

The simple yet classy interior designs covered by high-end materials are significantly impressive, however, the manufacturer should limit the unpleasant tire noises generating when driving at high speed.

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