Honda Brio Color - The Most Desirable Colors In the Philippines

Jun 28, 2022
New car price  :   ₱610,000
Brand  :   Honda
Model  :   Brio
Transmission  :   Cvt
Body Type  :   Hatchback

Honda Brio color is an attractive topic for Filipino car lovers. This article will provide you with the color descriptions in detail.

Honda has launched a car model suitable for many families in the Philippines because of its features and its colors. 

A few cars are designed in many color variants, like Honda Brio. This model is available in five different colors in the Philippines. That is very convenient for buyers to choose the favorite color for their family. 

This article will describe the list of Honda Brio color clearly. It will be easy for you to choose one of them after reading. Let’s find out together!


Honda Brio is the latest model in Honda’s car lineup. The car is a 5-door hatchback, which was released in 2011. The Honda brand has launched this model in many markets such as the Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, and more. 

This model has five different colors for customers to choose from in the Philippines market, including Rallye Red, Urban Titanium, Taffeta White, Carnival Yellow, and Alabaster Silver. They are all on the list of most desirable colors for Honda Brio colors Philippines in 2022. 

This article will provide you with detailed descriptions of those Honda Brio color variants. Keep reading to choose the most suitable for you and your family.

Honda Brio Color

We will go on with five color options with specific prices below. Let’s get started!

Rallye Red

red Honda Brio

Honda Brio red

You can get brighter, more vibrant colors by opting for the Liberty Red paint option on a Honda Brio car. The sunset can be seen in the Rallye Red and Sunset Orange paint options.

The shade is the perfect blend of colors, creating a rich and luxurious look. The design is unique and elegant, making it the perfect option for a vehicle. 

Besides, with this tone of color, this brand also launched another version which is a bit deeper red than the normal version of Honda Brio Ralley Red. It is Rallye Red Brio S. If you prefer a red version like rum, Rallye Red Brio S will surely be best for you!

This color variant is available for two versions of Honda Brio at two different prices. The first one is Honda Brio 1.2 S MT which will cost Filipino buyers ₱610,000. This price is the lowest price of this model of the Honda brand. 

The second version, available with Rallye Red, is Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT. Its price is ₱680,000 in the Philippines market. 

Pheonix Orange Pearl

orange Honda Brio

 Honda Brio orange

A light orange car color can make the car seem more winsome. Pheonix Orange Pearl is the type of orange vehicle with a hue that captures the energy and enthusiasm of the owner.

The orange color of the car makes it quite difficult to tell when it accumulates dirt. It is not a problem because the car's sporty nature is visible through its clean, sleek design.

Modern Steel Metallic

black Honda Brio

Honda Brio black

When people who live healthily, holistic lifestyles have the Honda Brio with the Urban Titanium car color, they are calmed. This car color can describe peace, and many people like to live their lives that way.

This Brio color is one of the purest and most decent colors of cars. It also signifies the impeccable taste of people who love the white color. The owner also can define the freshness of a Honda Brio by choosing to buy it.


Taffeta White

white Honda Brio

Honda Brio white

The car color Taffeta White is a great choice for Honda cars. It is one of the perfect nonmetallic Honda Brio color options if you are currently interested in purchasing the Honda model.

White is a car color that immerses you in peace and purity. It also enhances the car's aesthetic, making it look more beautiful.

The car color, similar to the orchid pearl, makes Honda Brio more unique, charming, and elegant. White paint is not only interesting because of its coloring but also because it draws the eye's attention. It will not let you down when you choose to buy it. 

Carnival Yellow

yellow Honda Brio

Honda Brio yellow

The latest version and the most strange variant of Honda Brio color available are Carnival Yellow. It may be quite hard for consumers to find another yellow car that is more attractive than this. 

Many experts comment that Honda Brio in this color offers one of the brightest trends for vehicles. When you own a car like this, you will be the highlight when driving around your area. 

This color is available for two models of Honda Brio. Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT costs you ₱680,000 whereas Honda Brio 1.2 RS Black Top CVT in Carnival Yellow has the highest price for Honda Brio at ₱735,000.

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You already get many reviews for every Honda Brio color in this article. It is quite easy for you to make the final decision now. Before buying, you also should research carefully about specifications, features, engine, power, and more about the car. 

If you need more information about this car, don’t hesitate to contact us via We are always willing to support you.