Ford Ranger Specs - Latest Upgrades In 2022

Aug 01, 2022
New car price  :   ₱1,198,000
Brand  :   Ford
Model  :   Ranger
Transmission  :   Automanual
Body Type  :   Truck

Ford Ranger specs - detail information of dimension, seating capacity, engine, and transmission to give you a general thought on this car. Let's dive in!

In this new year, the Ford Ranger 2022 continues to have a strong, practical style of American pickups with aggressive lines. However, it is worth mentioning that it will have significant upgrades in Ford Ranger specs and features, worthy of a top pickup in the segment. 

Ford Ranger specs: Dimension and Seat Capacity

The Ford Ranger raptor 2022 specs have the same overall proportions, with dimensions of 5,446 x 1,852 x 1,977 (mm), a wheelbase of 3,220 mm, and ground clearance of 256mm. Ford Ranger weight capacity is upto 943 kilograms.

Ford Ranger exterior

Ford Ranger exterior

The cockpit of the Ranger Wildtrak 2022 is a harmonic blend of wealthy and beautiful forms, similar to those seen in passenger automobiles but also quite manly and clean. The automobile, which has a 4-seater design, has a dominating black tone, displaying the objective of increasing the user experience via comfort and elegance very effectively.

Because of the huge seat width and 6-way electronic adjustment capability, the front row of the Ranger Wildtrak 2022 provides a particularly pleasant sitting experience. The seat's two sides are meant to be big to embrace the driver's back.

Ford Ranger interior

Ford Ranger interior

However, this car's rear seats feature a somewhat upright backrest arrangement, which might cause tiredness on lengthy excursions. After the front seats have enough comfortable space, the back seats have adequate legroom. 

It is worth noting that the rear of the seat in the center has a folding armrest. This is due to the Ranger's emphasis on having the longest cargo box in the market instead of other Japanese pickup vehicles that prioritize passenger comfort.

Ford Ranger specs: Engine

Ford Ranger raptor engine specs have three options: a 3.0L V6 and two 2.0L 4-cylinder engines. In addition, a 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder petrol engine is available for this pickup model.

Ford Ranger engine

Ford Ranger engine

The Ranger, with the sole electronic power steering in the truck market, makes handling a vehicle longer than 5.3 m rather slow at low speeds. Compared to other hydraulically driven trucks, the Ranger differentiates by providing an incredibly smooth driving experience and superb control even on rough terrain.

Sitting inside the cabin, you must pay great attention to feeling the engine in motion because the vibration or noise transmitted into the interior area is quite low, thanks to Ford's master noise-canceling technology. This device employs a microphone that detects low-frequency noise and regulates the car's speakers to create opposing noises to cancel it out. This Ranger/Everest functionality is unique in the present market.

Ford Ranger specs: Transmission

This pickup model will be available with three transmission options: 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic, and 10-speed automatic. The vehicle has a 1-wheel, 2-wheel part-time, and 4-wheel full-time drive system. 

For the first time, Ford Ranger Philippines is equipped with an automated bridge locking capability based on driving circumstances, similar to high-end SUV models with full-time 4-wheel drive.

In terms of off-road capability, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2022 employs a part-time 4WD four-wheel-drive system with 2H, 4H, and 4L adjustment stages, as do the majority of trucks on the market, as well as an extra differential lock. 

Ford Ranger specifications

Ford Ranger 

When the differential is locked, the two wheels on the rear axle rotate at the same speed, allowing the vehicle to cross the terrain when one of the two wheels loses grip, avoiding the circumstance where the wheel loses grip and continues to turn while the other wheel has grip. There is no electricity transmission.

This automobile also pleases many consumers since it feels exceptionally sturdy when driving at 120 km/h on the highway because the Ranger has the segment's greatest body mass. Furthermore, the chassis or body structure is quite thick, which provides stability when traveling at high speeds.

Other Features of Ford Ranger 2022

The Ford Ranger 2022 has renewed itself in owning the largest and largest vertical entertainment screen in the segment today, with a size of up to 12 inches. This screen integrates the SYNC 4.0 entertainment system with smoother operations and multimedia connectivity.

In addition, the comfortable equipment also helps the Ford Ranger 2022 stay ahead of rivals such as:

  • Wireless phone charger
  • Air conditioner two independent zones
  • Unlock/unlock the vehicle and check the system using the FordPass app remotely.

In terms of safety equipment, Ford Ranger 2022 maintains modern technologies inherent in the old life, including:

  • Adaptive cruise station
  • Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keeping Assist
  • Support parallel parking
  • Crossing vehicle warning
  • Blind Spot warning
  • Vehicle control according to load.


There is no need for major revisions because the Ford Ranger dominates the mid-size truck sector, outselling all competitors. Because of the segment's distinctive equipment up to this point, the Ford Ranger specs, is predicted to become even more appealing to users in the new generation with its aggressive modern style, comfy cockpit full of technology, strong engine, and automated electronic gearbox.

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