Ford Ranger Color - Choosing Colors Based On Your Personality

Oct 04, 2022
New car price  :   ₱1,875,000
Brand  :   Ford
Model  :   Ranger
Transmission  :   Automanual
Body Type  :   Truck

When buying or upgrading your Ford Ranger, you will have to make one of the key decisions choosing the perfect paint color that best suits your personality!

If you wonder which Ford Ranger color is perfect for you, check out this article. With no further ado, let's dive right in!  

Overview of Ford Ranger 2022.

The color of your Ford Ranger is the first thing that will catch other people's attention. As a result, in 2022, Ford offered many engine types and colors to fulfill people's demands.


Ford Ranger Price 2022


(MT) 2.2 XLS 4x2


Sunset Red, Aluminum Metallic, Cool White, Absolute Black, 

(MT) 2.2 XLT 4x2


Absolute Black, Blue Lightning, Sunset Red, Meteor Gray, 


(MT) 2.2 FX4 4x2


Sunset Red, Absolute Black, Cool White, Meteor Gray, Aluminum Metallic,


(AT) 2.2 XLT 4x2


Sunset Red, Meteor Gray, Absolute Black, Blue Lightning, 


(MT) 2.2 FX4 4x4


Cool White, Aluminum Metallic, Meteor Gray, Sunset Red, Absolute Black, 


(MT) 2.0 Wildtrak 4x2


Cool White, Absolute Black, Meteor Gray, Saber, Aluminum Metallic,


(AT) 2.2 XLS 4x2


Absolute Black, Cool White, Sunset Red, Aluminum Metallic,


(AT) 2.2 FX4 4x4


Cool White, Aluminum Metallic, Meteor Gray, Sunset Red, Absolute Black, 


(AT) 2.2 FX4 4x2


Cool White, Absolute Black, Meteor Gray, Sunset Red, Aluminum Metallic,


(AT) 2.0 Wildtrak 4x2


Meteor Gray, Absolute Black, Snowflake White Pearl, Sunset Red, Aluminum Metallic,


(AT) 2.0 Biturbo Wildtrak 4x4


Meteor Gray, Absolute Black, Sunset Red, Snowflake White Pearl, 

(AT) 2.0 Biturbo FX4 Max 4x4


Aluminum Metallic, Absolute Black, Cool White, True Red, Lightning Blue, Conquer Gray



Ford Ranger Gray Color

A gray Ford Ranger might be an excellent choice for individuals looking for a stylish and competitive vehicle. Getting a Meteor Gray might be a terrific way to go at your own pace while still conquering highways in luxury.

Ford Ranger Gray Color

Diffused Silver

Diffused Silver and Aluminum Metallic will have the same impression as gray, but with the addition of a silver touch, it will appear more futuristic. What could be better than driving an automobile in a science-fiction movie?

A gray truck may be what you need if you require a vehicle that can handle almost any road condition or location.

Ford Ranger Colors Blue

The Blue Reflex is a limited-edition color choice introduced this year. It has long been a popular choice for those with a taste for adventure. This blue hue is blended with a hint of black, giving you a sense of both freshness and elegance.

Ford Ranger Colors Blue

Blue Reflect

This alternative is unquestionably appealing to those who enjoy doing more than just traveling to work and returning home.

Ford Ranger Colors Black

Ford Philippines is pleased to introduce the Absolute Black color option for the redesigned Ford Ranger. Many people in the trucking industry like vehicles with black exteriors, so they wanted to make sure this color choice was accessible.

Ford Ranger Colors Black

Absolute Black

The Absolute Black looks terrific with the blacked-out trim of the Ranger's basic features, making it an excellent choice if you want to stand out!

Ford Ranger Orange

The Sabre orange body color of the Ford Ranger looks like a joyful, youthful automobile speeding down the road. This hue shouts adventure, so you can be confident that it will allow you to explore your surroundings. 

Ford Ranger Orange


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak in orange appears to be a gold contender! Its interiors include orange stitching, which adds to the athletic aesthetic and "exploring" attitude this automobile exudes on winding roads.

Ford Ranger White

Choose the cool White hue for a cleaner look. The most obvious advantage of owning a white car is that it hides blemishes and scratches better than other colors. You can't go wrong with the Cool White body color. 

Ford Ranger White

Cool White

This is the characteristic hue of the Wildtrak version, giving the car a luxury and clean appearance.

Ford Ranger Red

With Sunset Red, your pickup truck will be able to be a powerhouse of happiness and joy. It will be 'on fire' when you drive down the street, and it is guaranteed to demonstrate that anything is possible. 

Ford Ranger Red

Sunset Red

Why? Because you have a great-looking vehicle with power... but also because you're in control of this one-of-a-kind ride!


The Ford Ranger color is available in a variety of options. Keep in mind that the range of colors will be determined by the variation selected. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a varied pricing range, making it easy for buyers to choose from. 

We hope that you will be able to decide which Ford Ranger Wildtrak Colors to purchase with this article.