Suzuki S-presso Review - The latest 5-door hatchback of Suzuki

Jul 31, 2022
New car price  :   ₱563,000
Brand  :   Suzuki
Model  :   S-Presso
Transmission  :   Manual
Body Type  :   Hatchback

You like Suzuki and you are considering about the S-presso. Check out this latest Suzuki S-presso review to receive the practical info!

At the beginning of 2022, Suzuki updated many models, including Suzuki S-presso. Many car experts consider that this 5-door hatchback is a very affordable model in the Philippines market, while many others don't like it so much. Undoubtedly, every car has both advantages and disadvantages, and Suzuki S-presso is not an exception. However, it is worth owning one because of its amazing features and reasonable price. This Suzuki S-presso review below will show why you should buy it for personal purposes. 

Suzuki S-presso Overview

Suzuki S-presso review Philippines

 Suzuki S-presso

The latest new Suzuki car is the "Suzuki S-Presso." It is interesting because it is not new, but because it would be a good fit for roads in the Philippines.

When researching Suzuki S-presso review Philippines, we were pleasantly surprised by the S-Presso. With a price tag of P518,000, it provides high functionality, achieving strong results for edible evaluations and imaging. Moreover, the S-Presso is perfect for your daily transactions as long as you set your expectations correctly!

Suzuki S-presso Review

This article will continue with a detailed review of this 5-door hatchback. It is considered helpful to have a closer look at this model. 


In 2022, Suzuki updated many features for S-presso; you can easily see them in the Suzuki S-presso 2022 review we have summarized in this article. The table below will provide you with some noticeable specifications of this model.


Type of Body

5-door hatchback

Seating capacity


Type of Fuel


Fuel capacity

27 liters

Material of Wheel


Size of Wheel

14 inches


Manual Dial Cooler


7-inch Multimedia Audio


The panels of this model have meant that your interior should withstand much damage. Though Suzuki S-presso interior may not be as luxurious, it's durable and sure to last. 

Suzuki S-presso interior

 Suzuki S-presso interior

The surprising thing about this small space is that it provides a tall individual with room to move around comfortably. The S-Presso accommodates all body types while also providing a sense of luxury. 

The S-Presso has a taller seating position which is good for space. The seats in the front are positioned higher, which gives more leg room to those in the back. It's also a tight squeeze for three people in the back, but it's not too narrow for most purposes.

Another attractive feature of this car is that the storage space on the S-Presso is 239 liters, which is a standard for this car class. You'll have more cargo space when the rear seats are folded down. That is because of its two-box design.


The car seems appealing because it looks nothing like an average small car you'll see when driving around a city. It is also small in size. 

Suzuki S-presso

 Suzuki S-presso exterior

Suzuki has succeeded in making an extraordinary design that many people admire, although it is a bit complicated for those unfamiliar with the car. Suzuki has implemented a design that sits about 180 mm off the ground and has a unique pattern.

Unfortunately, you're not going to get much in terms of standard equipment with the Suzuki S-presso. Basic halogens light up the way, and 14-inch steelies are aesthetically pleasing but don't offer much traction.

Fuel Economy

Next in our Suzuki S-presso review is its appearance. The 2022 Suzuki S-Presso has a 90-Nm 1.0-liter K10B engine. In comparison, the Celerio weighs more, but the acceleration on the S-Presso is noticeably sprightlier thanks to its lighter weight. With a manual gearbox, you get faster acceleration and more control. You don't get race car speeds out of it, but it's better than an automatic.

However, the S-Presso is suitably equipped for the beginning driver but not for more experienced drivers. It has a soft pedal, no tachometer, and is generally poorly designed. 

It handles with ease, which is helpful during heavy traffic. It tends to move around too much on the highway, but it handles well in the city and other urban environments.

Suzuki S-presso fuel economy

About the Suzuki S-presso fuel consumption

Importantly, Suzuki S-Presso is known to maintain stellar numbers, getting up to 24 km/L on the highway. That is especially impressive in 90 km/h driving conditions.


The safety features on this car are standard but not many, as it only has an immobilizer and three-point seatbelts for four occupants and also incorporates an ABS safety system. 

Nevertheless, the safety features are of considerable value for money because Suzuki has reduced the price of parking sensors to accommodate a cheaper price range of this model. To own one, you will only have to pay P500,000 in the Philippines market. What a very reasonable amount!

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Suzuki S-presso Pros & Cons


Suzuki S-presso is famous for its K10B engine, often used in the company's compact cars. Moreover, the S-Presso's measured horsepower of 67 and torque at 97Nm are enough to offer consistent and reliable performance in city driving. 

The efficient engine is matched with a five-speed manual transmission and optimal gear ratio, which help it get the best possible fuel efficiency. 

Another noticeable advantage of this model is that even people taller than average can enter the S-Presso. The five-door hatch offers the perfect space for four average-sized adults. The car is spacious inside, thanks to its slim seating and high roof.


Although there are many considerable benefits when you have a Suzuki S-presso, this model will bring some disadvantages. 

This model's first and foremost disadvantage is its noise insulation is quite poor. During high-speed runs, the vehicle experiences periodic jerks and whines. That may be expected from a car with a high and tapered body frame which is a bit noisy at highway speeds.

The S-Presso can be an ideal urban vehicle but should not be driven on a highway.

Furthermore, one downside of the digital speedometer is the lack of a tachometer. It would interfere if you were driving by ear. Additionally, it does not offer RPM monitoring for beginners.


The S-Presso is an imperfect car, but it has unique features that make it desirable. With the Suzuki S-presso review above, it is affordable for your family to have one because it will cost you only a bit more than P500,000. 

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