Hyundai Kona Colors: Which Hue Is Suitable For You?

Sep 13, 2022
New car price  :   ₱1,188,000
Brand  :   Hyundai
Model  :   Kona
Transmission  :   Automatic
Body Type  :   SUV/MPV

What are the available Hyundai Kona colors in the Philippines market? Which color is the best selling? Discover the answer now.

You plan to own a Hyundai SUV costing around a million Peso Philippines. The Kona is a fantastic car that you can consider. However, you still wonder which color is suitable for you. Read the blog to select the most detailed information on Hyundai Kona colors.

Hyundai Kona color

Hyundai Kona


The Hyundai Kona 2022 is a popular SUV from the Korean brand - Hyundai in the Philippines market.

Hyundai Kona has an attractive and athletic appearance that may match the lifestyle preferences of modern prospective buyers. Apart from that, it is outfitted with outstanding specs and modern features that you should not be overlooked. 

Highlights of the Kona include two-tier headlamps, a cascading grille, and big alloy wheels. The interior of the Hyundai Kona 2022 demonstrates the vehicle's futuristic style. Specifically, the cascade design is replaced by a fresh and separate layout with the overall interior arrangement.

As an engine, this vehicle possesses a 2.0-liter NU MPI Atkinson gasoline that can create 147 HP and 179 Nm at peak performance. The engine is attached to a 6-speed automatic gearbox to send power to the front wheels.

This Hyundai SUV has only one variant available in the Philippines market: the 2.0 GLS AT, priced at ₱ 1,188,000.

Hyundai Kona Colors

The SUV comes in ten different hues in the Philippines market, giving you plenty of selections.

Hyundai Kona Red

Hyundai Kona red is a terrific choice if you want to go for a young, sporty style. In addition to the black plastic cladding and slim narrow headlamps, red excites the senses and those who like daring and stylish appearance.

Hyundai Kona red

Hyundai Kona red​

Besides, in Asian countries and the Philippines, red is a symbol of luck.

Hyundai Kona White

Hyundai Kona white having the official name, is Hyundai Kona Chalk White. This hue is one of the most popular due to its clean and sleek appearance. 

Hyundai Kona chalk white

Hyundai Kona white

Another advantage of white is poor heat absorption. As a result, you may feel completely secure when parking in the open air.

Hyundai Kona Black

You can try Hyundai Kona Phantom Black if you like a cleaner look than other colors. This hue evokes a sense of power, luxury, and mystery.

Hyundai Kona phantom black

Hyundai Kona black

Following some experts' opinions, black automobiles will be cost-effective in the long run.

Hyundai Kona Blue

If you are passionate about blue, luckily, you have two options: Hyundai Kona Blue Lagoon and Hyundai Kona Ceramic Blue.

Hyundai Kona blue lagoon

Hyundai Kona blue lagoon

Hyundai Kona Blue Lagoon is a possible choice for younger people because of its vibrant, fresh, and athletic appearance.

Hyundai Kona ceramic blue

Hyundai Kona Ceramic blue

If you like a toned-down blue, you can consider Hyundai Kona Ceramic Blue. Compared to the preceding choice, this hue is designed with a more mature appearance.

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Hyundai Kona Silver

Another popular color is Hyundai Kona Lake Silver which is the interfusion between black and white. Luxury, harmony, and modernism characterize this Kona automobile color. It is appropriate for minimalists.

Hyundai Kona lake silver

Hyundai Kona lake silver

Hyundai Kona Green 

If you are a big fan of green, it is a pity that green is not available in the list of Hyundai Kona colors in 2022. Instead, you can consider another with the same tone as green, Hyundai Kona Acid Yellow.

Hyundai Kona Yellow

Hyundai Kona Acid Yellow is not 100% yellow as the name might suggest because, in the actual picture, it is mixed with a little green.

Hyundai Kona acid yellow

Hyundai Kona yellow

Certainly, this color looks bright, youthful, and sporty. It will be suitable for those who like to stand out.

Hyundai Kona Velvet Dune

This vehicle is almost similar to brown color yet it seems to have some gray hue in it. It has a clean and basic appearance, yet it is difficult to notice grime.

Hyundai Kona velvet dune

Hyundai Kona velvet dune

Hyundai Kona Tangerine Comet

Hyundai Kona Tangerine Comet is a combination of somewhat red and orange hues. This mixture makes Tangerine Comet more eye-catching and exceptional than the Red variation.  

Hyundai Kona tangerine comet

Hyundai Kona orange

Hyundai Kona Dark Knight

Dark Knight is an unfamiliar name for customers. It has a mature and elegant appearance like black. Nevertheless, it is not designed simply as black and is still an interesting brand color.

Hyundai Kona dark knight

Hyundai Kona gray


2022 Hyundai Kona can be a suitable choice for those who love SUVs. 

Although the brand supplied only has one variant in the Philippines market, there are still various Hyundai Kona colors. We hope this blog gives you detailed information to help you make the best decision.